Some writers who started late in their lifetime

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Some writers who started late in their lifetime

There are numerous writers around the world making a massive income from writing. Some of these writers had an excellent background that set their future to be easier. Few individuals, before they became a writer, went to college, had good degrees and some other positive achievements anyone can think of in life. Some began writing from a tender age and have taken it up as a major career. However, there are lots of huge successful writers in the world that started their writing career late in life. And this is where our focus will be based in the article.

1. Harriet Doerr: Harriet spent the early 40 years of her life in California. She then had to leave for Mexico, where her husband Albert was at that time working to revive a family-owned copper mine. After the death of her husband, the year she spent there helped inspire the works she had been pending. By the time she was in her 60s, she returned to California to finish her education and then began writing. Doerr titled her first prose, “Stones of Ibarra”, which was publicized around the time the author was 74. It was a gigantic success considering the fact that the prose was awarded a National Book Award.


2. Frank McCourt: Frank is another writer that started his career late. His story caught the attention of individuals worldwide by the time “Angela's Ashes” was published back in 1996. The same can also be said for the memoir which addresses his childhood in Ireland and his adulthood as a teacher in New York. This was published by the time McCourt was 66.

3. Anna Sewell: Anna has only one printed work, which was titled “Classic Black Beauty”. She began the book by the time she was 51 years old and dedicated the narrative to her mother. Anna Sewell published the book when she was 57 years old. However, tragedy took over barely five months after the prose was publicized as she died of hepatitis in 1878.


4. Wallace Stevens: Most of the life of Wallace Stevens was spent as a lawyer before he later became the vice president of an insurance company. Stevens was first broadcast in poetry magazine at the age of 35. However, he is well-known today for the majority of the works he wrote after he was 50. He died at the 75 in 1955, few months after winning the “Pulitzer Price” for his Collected Poems.

5. Marquis de Sade: Marquis de Sade was a famous politician, philosopher, aristocrat and libertine. This makes it understandable he started his career as a writer at 47 because of the numerous activities he had to face. However, the truth is, he only made out time for himself to write because he was in prison at Bastille, charged for sexual deviancy. It was in this prison he had the opportunity to do away with distractions enough for him to write his first novel titled “Justine”. The prose was however published four years later, when he was 51.


6. Helen DeWitt: She was 44 when her debut novel was produced. She had spent time juggling odd jobs, as well as working to write many projects simultaneously, then she decided to write a prose. The novel which she wrote was titled “2000's The Last Samurai”.

7. Raymond Chandler: There is no doubt that Raymond Chandler is one of the finest writer that the world has ever seen or heard of. Chandler lost his job as an oil company executive while he was significantly depressed by his decision and determination of writing detective fiction. He early published a short story in 1933 before his first novel, which was titled “The Big Sleep” in 1939 when he was 44. Raymond published many short stories and screenplays, along with six more novels before his death in 1959.

Some writers who started late in their lifetime

8. Laura Ingalls Wilder: She began to write in her 40s after she was being inspired by her daughter. However, she did not attain grand success until when “Little House in the Big Woods” came out about 20 years later. The story drew much from her life experience, and this made many conclude that it was worth the wait because it gave her enough time to gather sufficient materials.

9. Sherwood Anderson: There was no doubt he held a handful of jobs, which included a helper in racetrack and a newsboy. In Cylde, during his youthful age before moving to Chicago for the aim of being a successful copywriter, Anderson returned to his home state. He worked at a paint factory as a manager until 1912, where he took the decision to leave his family and jobs to pursue a career to write. His dreams came through when he came back to advertising and printed numerous novels by 1916. By the time Anderson was 43, he produced his well-known work titled “winesburg”.

10. James Michener: For his numerous contribution, Michener is more notable for his output, rather than his age. Michener spent much of his life as a teacher, then he wrote 40 superb books within a year at the age of 40.

11. Millard Kaufman: You should know Millard Kaufman was the Co-creator of Mr Magoo. In his early 30s, he began screenwriting. Nevertheless, his first novel was promulgated by the time he was 90, two years before he died in 2009. In his lifetime, he was known as the writer's writer in Hollywood.

Writing is a big time job that needs lots of attention and commitment. These writers above started their career late when it would seem like a waste of time to many individuals. Due to their passion and devotion offered to the profession, they were not only able to write but also to become successful in their writing business. One lesson that we should learn from this article is the fact that it is never too late to start to write no matter how old, hopeless and frustrated you may be. Since these people could write and become well known and successful, anyone with enough zeal can become an outstanding writer not minding the age.

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