Strategies to write compelling ad for Facebook ads

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Strategies to write compelling ad for Facebook ads

Marketing is about trying to get something recognised, and even if people don’t know it, everybody has something they want to market. Some people market products, others fall under the category of “they just want to prove themselves,” (aka recognition). The difference between such people and an actual marketer is advertising. Thanks to social media, advertising has been made easier, but marketing hasn’t been because competition has gotten fiercer, almost anyone can advertise on Facebook. If you have something you want to market, and you’re ready to advertise, here are some strategies on writing compelling ads to help you.

Number one, figure out your audience, then write to it, never forget your target. It’s so easy to get caught up in the writing, and write like you’re on stage at a conference. You need to learn to write for one person, target that person and figure out how to persuade them. Look at it like this, if you can persuade one, you can persuade them all, so focus on trying to persuade the one. For example, you can target your ads for young adults below the age of 21 in the USA, then, write a copy specific for this audience.

Number two, write many different ads for many different people. Instead of having one ad that tries to target the whole world, try to write various ads. If you’re trying to target young adults below the age of 21 in the US and UK, you could write a copy that targets 18-21, then another one for the middle teens. You could also do another one that is more targeted towards the young adults in the UK if there’s something specific.

Number five, write short ads that

Number three, make sure the image goes with the copy, you find many advertisers taking their time with the copy, then rushing with the image. Unfortunately, if the image doesn’t match what you’re saying, a person won’t click the ad. The images don’t necessarily need to be flashy, but just like the copy, they must be targeted towards a specific audience.

Number four, have a clear goal, are you trying to increase brand awareness or a sell a product? Don’t mix the two. You need to have a clear goal, otherwise people will see your ad, but not feel compelled to click on it, as they won’t know what to do.

Number five, write short ads that highlight the value of them. Forget about the fact that you’re paying for an ad because that’s most likely not on the viewer’s mind. Don’t cram everything into that one ad, the longer it is the less likely a viewer will even bother to read it, brevity is key. But remember to showcase the value, for example, if you’re selling a product, lead with the value of that product. What does someone gain from using your product? Lead with that.

Number 6, use simple language that is easy to understand, this is not the time to showcase you’re A* in A-level English or your degree in literature. Your ads must be simple enough for even a 10-year-old to understand.

Finally, be upfront about the numbers. The last thing you’d want is for someone to look at your ad, and then think, “how much is this going to cost?” The same goes to those offering something. Someone thinking, “How much can you make from this?” is not click baits, but “Sign up and start making 100 USD a day” is.

In conclusion, when you want to make a compelling Facebook ad, it needs to be short, clear, and concise. When someone sees your ad, they should immediately know: what you’re offering them, how they can benefit from it, and what to do next.

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