Technology websites to get content for your blog

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Technology websites to get content for your blog

Technology websites can provide information for writing articles for your website and blogs. You need to figure out the connection between an article posted on any quality tech website and what your audience is interested in. That's what you need for a unique idea, which will elevate your brand image. It is a daunting task to create time for writing quality content for your website. Therefore, high quality and informative tech content will help you reach a niche audience. Great content will also project you and your business as an authority in your niche. This article presents an informative list of the best tech sites where you can mine content for your website.

1. TechCrunch and RECODE

This online US publishing firm focuses on the tech sector. The firm posts tech news, reviews of tech patterns, and profiles new tech products and businesses. It was among the first companies to publish comprehensive reports on tech funding and start-ups. "RECODE" is a tech news site, which focuses on Silicon Valley businesses. It is popular for its skilled and trusted news and tech writers. The website is a valuable source for objective news, analysis, and reviews about tech.

2. MIT Technology Review and WIRED


This is a newsletter that is fully owned by the MIT university and has autonomous editors. It is among the most reliable online resource for tech content. You can get detailed analyses of new tech and their effects on businesses. "WIRED" is an online platform that is focused on how new techs shape the society, politics, and the economy of a country. The unique and stylish design has made it a major hit among youths. Its channel on YouTube has valuable tech videos that also feature artists and popular tech industry characters- you learn while having fun.

3. Fast Company

The company produces innovative business magazines with content based on tech innovation, tech design, and sector leaders. It is designed for tech sector leaders and it challenges them to reflect on the role of tech for future firms. This firm has tailored magazines that focus on tech niches like innovation and design.

4. Next Web


This is among Canada's leading tech sites that cover industry, tech, and the Internet. The website was started as a forum but it currently offers information on tech. You can use this site to find out how tech is influencing modern operations. Do not be limited to using a handheld screwdriver when your rivals use electric screwdrivers-try this site.

5. Usability Geek

This is an awesome website focusing on aspects of User Experience (UX) and Usability. Its approach to tech will remove the guesswork from your next project design. This is a good place to get information if you are trying to create a website, an app or anything connected to tech. The site also has great tricks and tips on how to optimize the conversion rate, which will increase your revenue and traffic.

6. Gizmodo

Technology websites to get content for your blog

Many tech-savvy people would say this is one of their preferred websites on tech. With loads of tech-related content and funny writers, it is truly a unique site. It also has a fantastic selection of online videos that will meet your technology requirements.

7. CreativeBloq

Whether you are a designer or work for a design company, or you simply love attractive designs, you will enjoy this website. It has unique ideas, design advice as well as lessons that will enhance your innovation skills. If you are a website builder, you understand how important it is to be exceptional and unique. This website has an exciting repository of resources where you will find useful tips on the latest website design patterns.

8 . CNET

You may have come across reviews for CNET if you have been looking at feedback for tablets, laptops or other computer devices. Apart from its positive reviews, the company also provides tech guides, tech videos, and tech news. Since it is a global leader in tech product reviews, you need to make it your starting point when looking for content for your website.

Well, you now have alternative websites that you can use to create content for your tech site or blog for free. But, you need to be careful with online content; only choose relevant content to avoid getting your website and brand image into problems. It is certainly not possible to follow every advice that is offered by these tech sites; simply choose the one that interests you.

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