The Art of Writing

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The Art of Writing

Writing is the art of putting down on paper your thoughts, opinions or narratives. It is the art of recording as an interpretation of data on material, mostly paper. In the olden days, the writing was in various languages and was put down on scrolls, tablets and even garments. Examples like Egypt, used hieroglyphics while Moses, the messenger of God to deliver Israelites accepted the ten commandments having been written on stone tablets.

Writing means education and knowledge in the true sense of a lay man's point of view. Any person who has gone through any level of education will attest that introductory writing assignments must have been given. In order to write one must know the alphabet, the difference in vowels and consonants, upper case and lower case letters. Only having learnt all these does a person achieve fluency in writing down a meaningful sentence. This proves that writing signifies learning which acknowledges education.

Without writing a lot of events

Writing represents art. Without writing, there wouldn't be any lyrics written down by songwriters for musicians to sing. Absence of writing would mean there were no scripts for actors to read in films. Writing enables the naming of titles to songs, movies, paintings and even artefacts in museums. Famous authors like Shakespear revolutionised the art of writing paving way for present forms of entertainment and by extension, fully-fledged careers.

Without writing a lot of events would not have taken place therefor, writing represents proof. As recordings like The Bible and Qumran support, without such articles, there would be no record of what happened in the past. Having no reference material would mean there was no true evidence of past mistakes and virtually no inventions would have happened. Writing is the foundation of invention and innovation, writing itself representing invention while the different forms of writing represent innovation.

The Art of Writing

Scripture s in religious books are a form of writing that bore the different religions that hold the world together today. Inspiration by divine deities led to the record of narratives that led to the salvation of people and in return brought order to the different tribes on earth. Christians, Islams, Hindus and Buddhists are all clear examples of a people brought together by the simple art of writing.

Writing represents speech, as a person may only speak as well as he writes. If the mind sees something being done and develops a thirst to do it, then it becomes easier because of the idea formed because of observation. Similarly, anyone who learns to write and succeeds can easily and most probably goes ahead to speak. A person can only read the news on a paper because of the person's capability in deducing what is written, making him a beneficiary of the art of writing.

Everyone should be proud of what writing means to them because without it we wouldn't be where we are now. Any given talent or ability may develop perfectly with the support of being able to write. The results would shock you to see the writing attribute taken away, go-ahead and try!

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