The future of marketing

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The future of marketing

With a continuously growing competition, markets shrink, new opportunities arise, and classical techniques die. This could be applied also on marketing since marketing is one of the most important and essential contemporary industrial aspects of our world’s economy. We can define marketing by the ensemble of techniques, processes, and approaches a vendor adopts in order to convince his client to buy his service/product. In fact, this is a very broad and general definition of marketing that aims to define the scope of such science. Indeed, marketing is a science and an art as well because marketing is in constant development.

However, to respond to the growing

However, to respond to the growing needs of the competition in the market, marketers tend to adopt a more evolved version of classical marketing. Content marketing is a technique axed on three essential elements. The first one lies in creating and distributing valuable content and the true meaning behind “valuable” could be sometimes tricky. Valuable content is a bundle of relevant information that the client wants to see. Although a valuable content has to be relevant, it usually depends on whether your client has received value from it. Value is the real nuance between classical advertising/marketing and the revolutionary content marketing.

The second essential element constituting content

The second essential element constituting content marketing is the consistency of the material. Consistency is key in content marketing since marketers tending to adopt this approach usually offer one or more of several unique products of content marketing. Infographics, webpages, podcasts, videos, books, and pamphlets are all content marketing products and you could remark that most of these materials share one aspect, which is consistency. For instance, infographics: hard copies or soft copies, could be hugely unique since they provide valuable information about a certain topic. Webpages are one of the most sustainable sources of information, consequently, they are a very promising platform for content marketing campaigns. Publishing/posting consistent content makes consumers more comfortable about trusting that this brand will react positively regarding any issue, he may face later on.

The Future of Marketing

The third and most essential element in the content marketing formula is the customer reaction. Content marketing aims to create a profitable customer action that could reflect directly on either sales or engagement. The real value content marketing brings to the brand may reside in its influence on the conversion rates. In a vast sea of digital marketing techniques, it has been proven that content marketing improves conversion 6 times more than any other digital marketing method. Through a client-centric approach, content marketers aim to improve conversion by bridging the gaps of trust between customers and vendors. Many techniques are encompassed in content marketing, but notably, the most important technique is including a call-to-action which is critical since including a directive order to inform your client about what to do next serves greatly in the increase of engagement and conversion.

Content marketing may be sometimes considered as a comparative advantage of a brand. This means that this unique technique actually differentiates between brands or businesses. A brand that adopts indirect marketing techniques, such as classical marketing cannot find itself in the same market position of a brand aiming to build trust through content marketing. Content marketing is also the fastest way for positive reputation establishment. The advantages of content marketing also comprise showing off your company’s knowledge about the market. It is always more convenient for a customer to deal with a brand that really knows problems, solutions, and perhaps workarounds of their market, and this could be the reason why showing the company’s expertise in its field matters and content marketing easily reflects that, while in fact, content marketing is not overrated since it could be the true wealth of a company.

Modern companies, brands, or any businesses target the creation of comparative advantages. Sometimes, this comparative advantage could not be reflected by the quality of the product or the provided service. However, good content marketing always reflects the true values of a company. An adequate content marketing campaign creates a link between the company and its audience. As it was mentioned before, this link is the bridge of trust between the brand and its customers. This could be the first step for a healthy relationship between your company and its clients, which is the cornerstone for any modern successful business.

Therefore, content marketing is not overemphasized at all as this is an extremely important marketing approach. The reasons behind the importance of such marketing approach were all previously stated. On the other hand, the awareness between marketers of this novel doctrine should be increased. Content marketing is not overrated, per contra, it is not highlighted enough.

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