The most creative motivational blogs (regardless of topic)

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The most creative motivational blogs (regardless of topic)

To find the most creative motivational blogs, you need to first know what you want motivation for. Most people don't, so here are a few of the most creative motivational blogs, regardless of topic, to give you an idea.

What are some creative motivational blogs? Addicted2Success is a good one, it was founded by Joel Brown, and has become a large success. Addicted2Success provides various motivational content through their blog posts, videos, podcasts and more. They talk about motivational and self-development in such a creative way that it’s a highly recommend blog for those in need of some creative motivation. “From to-do lists to shaping your destiny, they cover it all.”

The Tim Ferris Show is the best blog on lifestyle design as Tim Ferris gives creative and innovative advice on how to become more productive, and getting the most out of life. According to an article on Quora, his book “The 4-hour workweek” is a #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek Bestseller.

James Clear has a great motivational blog with content on psychology, self-development, habits and, he often shares wonderful and creative stories in his articles.

Greatist is a motivational blog on dieting and fitness, you can take care of your body as well as your mind whilst reading this blog.

Michael Hyatt is the founder of

The Art of Manliness has a unique way to tell you how to be a real man. They talk about mindsets, relationships, habits and other stuff like keeping a beard.

Success blog talks about business, health, lifestyle and even personal development. They also provide daily success quotes that can fill you with positivity throughout the day.

Ramit Sethi is big in finances, and he has a blog on becoming rich. Millions of people have read his blogs to improve their finances so if you want creative motivation on saving money and the likes, he can help.

Mark Manson is a best-selling author and internet entrepreneur. On his blog, you can find straightforward and creative advice on how to become better every day.

Michael Hyatt is the founder of a leadership development company, and he has written numerous best-selling books. He’s one of the big deals and you can learn more from him from his creative and motivational blogs.

The most creative motivational blogs (regardless of topic)

Robin Sharma is a life coach and the author of some awesome books, his lessons on “golden hours” can change your perspective of life.

The Good Men project is a creative motivational blog that covers things from fatherhood, all the way to retirement. If you want to learn how to become a better person in a creative way, this blog is for you.

The Positivity blog gives daily doses of positivity and a profound wisdom that can really shape up your day along with philosophies from great men.

There are many creative motivational blogs, and it truly depends on what exactly you want motivation in. But in conclusion, the best blogs that have creative motivation (regardless of the topic) are Addicted2Success, Tim Ferris’ lifestyle blog, James Clear’s blog, Greatist, the Art of Manliness, Success, Ramit Sethi’s blog, Mark Manson’s blog, Michael Hyatt’s, Robin Sharma’s, the Good Men's project, the positivity blog and more.

Bottom line: there are many good creative motivational blogs, even the ones that have been mentioned in this article may not be the best for you. But this article gives you a few, to give you a start.

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