The Myth of Copywriting

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The Myth of Copywriting

Copywriters, also known as artisans of language, are those who are entitled to write copies aiming to sell certain products or services. The true responsibility of a copywriter resides in the fact that he targets providing comprehensive linguistic solutions for all types of businesses and companies. Selling brands, writing emails, or collaborating with marketers for establishing strong campaigns are included in copywriting. In fact, the growing pace of contemporary industry pushes all brands, enterprises, companies, or even websites to search for comparative advantages in marketing. There is a fine line between spamming stakeholders by advertising emails and engaging them with valuable information. Copywriters know that fine line and are eager to respect the value of advertising writing.

You can define the aim of

You can define the aim of copywriting as the art of increasing the conversion rate of buying. As you may have understood by now, copywriting is one of the necessary arms of marketing. Everything in marketing is based on content and currently copywriting is the only job responsible to reformulate the marketing material to produce a fully developed text to attract more customers. It is of much importance to return a couple of steps towards the past, especially the pre-internet era. At that time, marketing was axed on print materials, such as postcards, newspapers, and magazine advertisements. The whole problem lies in spending a lot of money in order to increase the conversion rate of buying and this investment did not assure anyone of a real impact.

On the other hand, the magic

On the other hand, the magic tool of copywriting is the internet as this tool is consistent, sustaining, and basically free. Copywriters nowadays are responsible of using such tool to achieve their marketing-based goal. They are responsible for writing copies of content of articles, blogs, e-books, emails, short stories, video scripts, posts on social media, and content for webpages. Those artisans of language use their knowledge of language and the many uses of discourse to target a certain market to inspire consumers or potential customers of a product/service. Copywriters need to be extremely aware and up to date regarding the current market status. They cannot count on numbers to segment their market, instead, copywriters tend to analyse the actual client reaction in order to decipher what happens in his mind.

The Myth of Copywriting

Besides their knowledge of marketing techniques and targeted audience preferences, copywriters use their finesse in language to convince their readers and perhaps calling them to action. That could be the reason why the advanced knowledge of linguistics and media is critical for copywriters. This is not about a basic study of linguistics as a high level of proficiency in morphology and syntax may not be enough. Grammar won’t help you to convince a customer, however, it is a good idea to write proper English. Instead, a copywriter’s knowledge of semantics and lexicology may be of more importance than all of the other skills of language.

The copywriting market is not over-saturated and it always welcomes new talents since, as it was previously mentioned, brands are always seeking to build trust. Copywriters are the advocates for building such trust between a brand and its customers. That’s how businesses grow and copywriting is key for such growth since marketing evolves continuously. The battle between brands in the market is usually decided by proper marketing that can reflect the true values of a company. Bridging the gaps of trust between the values claimed by a company and the perception of its clients is of extreme rank in marketing. The true value of copywriting is teasing the curiosity of clients towards a product or a service.

Copywriting is not just an actual job, instead, it is a game-changing job. It is not an easy job since it requires constant research, self-development, insane linguistic skills, ability to receive criticism, and great marketing knowledge. The profession of copywriting can be sometimes tricky since it requires patience in learning proper copywriting. On the other hand, this is a very rewarding job since copywriters can work remotely. They are usually offered great flexibility in their work because their job is strongly related to creativity, and most of the time, they are paid well. Copywriters can also be freelancers and they often tend to refine their skills by writing content for articles, blogs, or other written products. Copywriting is real, hard, but fun.

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