The types of writing formats

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The types of writing formats

Writing has been a form of communication that has been used for a long time. From newspapers, magazines, letters, and many others, writing has been used for entertainment purposes, information, education and work-related duties. Because of its wide usage, writing has set down rules and regulations to ensure that written texts are up to acceptable standards. Some of the rules and regulations involve punctuations, paragraphing and many more.

The general outlook of a text such as indented or block styles of paragraphing is also important. Most people may confuse a writing format with a writing style. A writing style refers to articles that have been written to serve several purposes to the reader. This may include imaginative articles, descriptive articles, reports and creative articles just to mention a few.

It also shows that the researcher

During the writing of reports in both theses and articles, quoting relevant people is important to give more weight to your information. These quotations are written in different ways known as writing format. A writing format refers to the citation style used within the structure of writing. The citation refers to the creative works of other people which has been used by another person as a way of adding more weight to an argument. Citing is important since it proves that the researcher did a satisfactory job by doing thorough research.

It also shows that the researcher did an honest job and it was not copied from anywhere. Citations are important when quoting articles while you are defending a client in court in case you are a lawyer just to mention one of its uses. There are six different types of writing formats in the English language which will be discussed below. The first type of writing format is known as the APA. This APA format was created by an association called the American Psychological Association. The APA is inclusive in the text while mentioning sources and it has a three-part form.

MLA writing format is the second

Citation is necessary after quoting somebody directly and you should start by mentioning the last name of the author, the date of publication and the exact page where the article was found. However, the page of the article is optional and one might choose not to include it. It is nevertheless necessary to include it since it is more accurate with the page stated. All this information concerning the reference sources should be in brackets. An example of APA citation is as shown (Leon, 2019, p. 96).

MLA writing format is the second type of format and it is considered to be the easiest. The MLA format is mainly used in literature and humanity subjects but it is not limited since it can also be used in sciences. Citations in MLA are briefer than citations in APA since most of the information in APA is not required here. According to MLA, only the last name should be cited and it is advisable to cite the page only if you are quoting somebody directly. An example of an MLA writing format is (Leon) or (Leon 82).

TURABIAN is the fourth type of

The CHICAGO writing format is the third and possibly the main writing format since other writing formats that would be discussed later derive greatly from it. This writing format was published by the Chicago University Press with the main aim of using grammar and punctuations from US English. The writing format has two styles which vary according to the situation. Here, the first style involves using footnotes which goes with the actual reference used. The second style involves normal citations like other formats for example (Leon, 2015,47).

TURABIAN is the fourth type of writing format and it was created by Kate Turabian mainly for the purposes of research and theses. The TURABIAN writing format is often included with the CHICAGO writing format and they are basically similar. However, the TURABIAN writing format is unique from other writing formats since notes are used instead of citations by using brackets which ensures the continuous flow of the piece.

The Types of Writing Formats

The IEEE is the fifth type of writing format and it borrows heavily from the CHICAGO writing format. This is because it uses the same style as the CHICAGO writing format and also the same reference. The IEEE is however different from other writing formats since the use of abbreviations which is not allowed in other writing formats is allowed here. A good example is “sou” to mean sources and “perm” to mean permissions. Short forms such as writing 1st instead of first or 3rd instead of third are also allowed in this writing format.

Your last type of writing format is the HARVEST writing format. The Harvard writing format was introduced by Harvard University and it is mainly used for citing the sources of student academic papers. This type of citations is strict as it must involve the last name of the author, the date of publication and the exact page number from where the citation was sourced from. In the Harvard writing format, you are allowed to cite up to six authors. However, you should only write up to three author names as a rule.

Should there be more than three names of authors, you should list the first three authors and the rest should be summarized as “et al”. The reference of the citations of authors should be arranged in alphabetical order if there are different authors to ensure that your work is neat, presentable and has a structured flow. An example of a citation in the Harvard writing format is Leon, K. (2019)Law,4th Edition, Nairobi: Freedom Street.

It is important to know all the writing formats since during an assignment your teacher or your professor will be the one to choose what type of writing format you are supposed to use. You may be wondering what the importance of a writing format is in writing when you can simply quote the text. A writing format is important since it shows a level of professionalism in a given submission. You will sound more convincing when you cite texts than when you decide not to. This is a major advantage, especially in court cases.

By using citations, you can distinguish a casual article from an official article. This will give you an edge especially when writing theses which require fast markings because of the large number of students.

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