Tips for article writing

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Tips for article writing

An article is any piece of document written to a large audience to inform and pass relevant information. The main objective for article writing is to offer suggestions and piece of advice, influence readers and improve their thinking. Keeps the audience in the lime light.

A well organised article attracts readers attention. A writer should be aware of the target audience and the purpose of writing. Understanding your audience as a writer, assists in deciding the right language to use for communication. If they audience is young children, the use of simple language is advised. Knowing the purpose of writing is essential. The purpose for writing is to inform and educate. Provide information that has facts, if numbers are involved include figures in numerical form.

A good writer is concise. Brevity ensures clarity of the message. Information communicated is comprehensive and direct to the point. Content is well covered in simple language. Redundancy and wordiness is avoided. The use of short sentences avoids repetition and irrelevant phrases.

Grammatical errors are few, formation of ill formed sentences reduces for simple sentences are used. Consistency in sentence formation is maintained. An example, in the introduction stage, a brief description of what the topic will cover gives readers an overview of what the article is about.

Practise makes perfect

Do extensive reading and research. Writers are wide researchers to ensure well updated information and true reported information. Research instils new unknown knowledge or information. With the changes in technology, writers need fast hand information on everything.

Reading is essential. A great writer is a great reader. Through reading more articles, writers learn the various writing, styles and structures. Writing is a process and involves different stages. Reading equips readers with knowledge on all this writing stages. Example the pre-reading stage, Editing stage among other. This stages assists in content development and solve some writing errors.

Writing is all about passion and interest. A good article is written with passion to ensure its perfect. Passion brings the best in writers. Writers are motivated by what they love and sacrifice anything to ensure their work is appreciated and loved by many.

Practise makes perfect. Writing requires frequent practise to gain exposure, experience and required writing skills. Something learnt from continuous practise sticks and makes one better. Writing email messages to friends, doing press releases, reports and minute assists in practise and gaining skills. Practise helps writers realize their strength and weaknesses, identify their niche and familiarise them with different challenges in the field.

   Identify niche as

As a writer, dictionary is essential. It clears any doubts on spelling and meaning. Unclear word should be confirmed in the dictionary. Dictionary identifies synonyms and helps avoid redundancy. Dictionary assists writers to know the correct pronunciation of words and spellings of words with similar pronunciations like piece and peace.

Writing requires concentration to avoid making mistakes. Distractions brought by using phones, listening to music or watching while writing causes writers to deviate their attention thus forget the statement they wanted to write or repeat a phrase. Writing requires a cool environment to think and analyse ideas.

Review work to edit common mistakes like grammar, spelling and ensure logical flow of ideas in an organised manner. Some mistakes like font size and punctuation can be corrected by the writer before submitting an article for publishing. Attention to details ensures these mistakes are corrected or avoided.

Identify niche as a writer. Different writers have different areas of interest. Some are interested in fashion, some politics, others in entertainment. Frequent practise enable writers identify their areas of interest and specialise on them. Writers can work on their strength and weaknesses.

Publishing stage

Article writing is made easier if all the tips discussed are observed. The writing process should be put into consideration. Knowing the tips and lacking knowledge on the stages involved in writing is useless. A writer should understand all the stages involved in writing to apply the writing tips.

The stages involved include: before writing where a writer finds an idea for writing and builds on the idea. Plans the structure of the writing. The second stage is writing, content is presented roughly in draft form.

Revision stage involves addition of missing information, removal of irrelevant information, rearrangement of sentences to ensure organised work and replacing words with appropriate ones. Editing is the next stage, done to correct grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Publishing stage. The last stage in the writing process. The article is ready for the reader for its free from all errors and mistakes. Article is taken to a publishing industry and published to enable readers view and read it.

In conclusion, a good writer is a good listener, communicator, researcher and a great reader. Communication skills aren't acquired when these things are observed. Writers are willing to go extra mile to research for information, they are patient and understanding. Respect the privacy of their source of information.

Writers fight for what is right, express both positive and negative information in the best way possible in the interest of the reader. Writers focus is to express fact- based information to keep readers informed and educated. Writers should understand their audience and context of information. Information passes should be relevant and timely.

A good article communicates relevant information. Talks about what the readers need to hear. Offers proximity. Articles should talk about places readers are familiar with or that which has an effect on the reader. News worthy article is good to the writer and readers. It covers the interests of the reader, captures readers attention and has a great influence on the reader.

Article writing involves a lot of process. The writing tips is one of them. The writing process and ensuring information is newsworthy. Writing requires motivation and confidence to produce valuable content. Above all understanding your audience as a writer and their needs is equally important.

If all these are considered, article writing that observes clarity, good choice of words, brevity, precise and concise will be published. Readers will have no difficulties in comprehending the meaning of the article.

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