Tips for writing a good resume

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Tips for writing a good resume

Writing a good resume is of vital importance. Not only does it showcase your talents and skills but it also determines wether you bag that interview or not. A good resume needs to be thought of as a successful resume. It needs to be able to grab the attention of the reader at first glance. Below I will share with you some tips on what makes a successful resume.

Headshot- Be sure to add in a headshot of yourself. Make sure that this is taken against a plain background preferably a while background as this would make you look bolder. Remember to keep it simple, don't over do the jewelry and be sure to have a smile so that you come across as friendly. Employers want to know that you would be able to fit into their team.

Header- The header should be simple it should read 'Resume' and your name.

It is also good to add in some person contact information under this. Email address, Skype details, mobile number, adding your age, address and nationalality would also be seen as beneficial.

Truth- Don't lie about information such as contact information. This can make potential employers frustrated and see that you are not serious about wanting a job and they will easily pass up the position and give it to some else who they feel are more deserving and would appreciate it more than you would.

Bullets and keywords- Bullets and keywords

Customize- You should customize your resume for the job you plan on applying for. It's ok to have three or four different resumes each one customized for a different job type. For instance, you can't submit a resume which has accounting experience for a sports position.

Don't over share- Take out any short term jobs which have been done. Employers want to see that you are loyal and that you don't go job hoping from job to job. Employers want someone who is going to stay with them for the long term and not just for a temporary period.

Eliminate gaps- If there are gaps in your work don't add in start and end dates of jobs. Alternatively you could fill these gaps by adding in any voluntary work that you may have done. Employers will almost always ask why those gaps exist and you might not have an answer.

Format- Don't cluster. Your resume needs to be easy on the eyes. Keep it simple.

Bullets and keywords- Bullets and keywords are essential as they assist in separating points and making the resume easy to read.

These are all important points to

Keywords are vital as these are important to help you capture the employers attention and peak his/her curiosity making him/her want to find out more about you.

Experience and Study- Experience should be added on first followed by studies. The reason behind this is because employers are more interested in what kind of experience you have as this proves more important to most employers.

Achievements and Abilities--This is your space to brag about yourself. Add in any achievements gained and skills which might not be presented atop the resume. For instance, drivers license, computer literate and so forth.

Reference-References should be added in at the end of the resume. This information should be as accurate as possible. It should contain name of company, name of reference, a telephone number as well as a valid email address.

These are all important points to remember when writing a resume. It is also a good idea to write up a cover letter, character reference as well as reference letters and submit along with your resume when applying for a job.

Tips for writing a good resume

The cover letter should introduce the person who you are and why you believe that you would be an asset to the team.

A character reference should come from a coworker to be more effective. You could also obtain a character reference from a neighbor or a community group.

A reference letter should be a must. A reference letter should be obtained from each past place of work. This shows that you were able to maintain a good relationship with your past employer in order for him/her to be willing to write ive a reference letter for you.

As an end note, a resume should emit confidence and positive energy.


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