Tips for writing better sentences

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Tips for writing better sentences

A sentence is a statement that communicates a complete thought. An example Mary went to the market. Mary is the subject, went is the verb while to the market is the object. The sentences provide information on the place Mary is. It expresses a complete thought.

To write better sentences, a writer should understand the three types of sentences. Simple, compound and complex sentences. Simple sentence contains few words with one subject, . An example, John is cute. Compound sentences are joined by conjuction. Example John and Mary played the guitar. Complex sentences contain two independent sentences joined together by conjunction. Example, Schools should be closed today to avoid spread of coronavirus. This type of knowledge is useful to write and construct grammatically correct sentences.

Avoid run-on sentences. Run-on sentence are formed when two or more independent clauses are joined in the wrong way. Example, all schools will be closed today for coronavirus has invaded the country. Period, semi-colon and commas assists in creating better sentences. Semi-colon creates grammatical correct sentence. Commas are used with either subordinating conjunction or coordinating conjunction. Comma splits two independent clauses.

Reduce the use of filler words

Employ parallelism. Parallelism is the balance within sentences with similar structure. An example we played football, volleyball and netball. Parallelism improves readability.

Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. Irrelevant words with no meaning should be erased to avoid redundancy and wordiness. Use simple short sentences to ensure clarity. Short sentences are easy to understand and are direct to the point.

Reduce the use of filler words. Filler words are meaningless to the phrase. Example, which, who and that. In a sentence, The boy who is tall is my brother. The use of who refers to the boy. The word is meaningless for the statement is incomplete. Consider using the phrase the tall boy is my brother. The use of filler words create redundancy leading to ungrammatical sentences. Filler words is a major challenge to new aspiring writers.

Avoid sentence fragments

Practise writing. Practise makes perfect. Consistent practise in sentence structure assists in sentence construction. One can distinguish grammatical sentences from ungrammatical sentences. Learn the rules of grammar.

The use of active voice. Active voice forms sentence with subject, verb and object. The subject performs action stated by the verb. Example, Patrick loves reading. Words in active voice are clear and concise. They provide full information with simple words.

Avoid sentence fragments. Words that don't express complete thought. They are incomplete because of missing subject or predicate. The meaning is not clearly portrayed. Example Should avoid the use of high heels. Who should avoid heels and why?is not expressed.

Editing. Editing is the process of reviewing a written text to correct errors. The errors are grammatical, spelling and punctuation. Grammatical errors are in form of sentence construction or tense. Editing clears these errors. Some mistakes are done unknowingly and through re-reading the work, the errors are corrected.

Reading stories. Reading impacts knowledge. Extensive reading enables one view how sentences are combined to ensure subject, verb agreement. Different writers have different writing styles. Writers should read widely to master writing skills like brevity, concise and precise.

Mastering the right writing skills is useful to understand how to express a complete thought. Issues related to sentence fragments, repetition of words, use of filler words and run of sentences should be avoided at all cost. They can be avoided if one understands the role it plays in ungrammatical sentences.

Good sentence ensures clarity of the message and readers understand the main purpose for writing. Content text is well -structured therefore provides brevity. A well -structured sentence is clear and easy to read, motivates young aspiring authors and captures the attention of the readers.

Syntax studies sentence construction and looks at all grammatical aspects. Syntax looks at phrases and clauses, provides rules that govern construction of each one of them and assists in identifying the head of any phrase. Knowledge of syntax is useful in sentence construction. Syntax identifies different types of sentences thus enabling writers understand how each is formed. Better sentence writing can be improved through continuous practise. Both reading, writing and speaking. Writing better sentences is all about communication. With better communication skills, writing is easy, efficient and flexible. Readability and legibility is enhanced. Clear sentences are readable.

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