Tips on Writing Your Novel

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Tips on Writing Your Novel

Writing a novel is a struggle that all writers wish to accomplish. Anyone can think that they can write a novel, but only few actually get to finish the task. You can finish reading a novel in a few days or even in a few hours, but writing one takes months and even years to complete. With the hardship of writing, aspiring authors seek for professional advice and tips, so they can finish their own manuscripts. If you are one of those who also struggle to write novel, then here are a few tips to ensure that you get to write your book easier and faster.

1. Plan ahead of time

Do not sit and face your writing desk without knowing what you will write. At least, get down the basics of your story. What is your novel all about? How will the plot unfold? Who is your main character and your villain? For better results, make an outline and character profiles. Not all writers are plotters, so there are many pantsers out there who are against the idea of outlining. Nonetheless, as a writer, you should make a simple loose outline that you can change whenever new ideas emerge in your head.

2. Do your research


Fiction novels may be a product of imagination, but they must be rooted in real life. Your readers can only relate to your story if it resembles the world they know, so make sure you get your facts right. Readers are observant and they will not enjoy a novel that has wrong details. Before you write your novel, make sure to check whether the information you want to add is reliable and accurate.

3. Learn and practice your craft

Many beginner writers dive immediately into writing their novel that they fail to realize if they are actually fit to write a novel. Creating a novel means you have to be conscious of your grammar and syntax, and not many writers give importance to the particulars of their writing. As an author, you should polish your skills and assure that the readers understand what you mean. Read books on language and literature or join grammar and writing courses. Write constantly and practice on shorter works like poems or flash fiction. Make yourself a better writer to heighten your chances of novel writing success.

4. Keep on writing

Tips on Writing Your Novel

At some point in drafting your book manuscript, you will feel like everything you write is garbage. You will face doubts and frustrations and you will think that your novel is not good enough. Because of this mindset, many writers give up and trash their partly finished novel. Do not be like these writers and push on with your dream of finishing your book. Write whenever you can, do not be fazed by obstacles, and have confidence in your work. Allow yourself to write badly because you can still edit your draft later on.

5. Have a supportive team

Do not go on the writing journey alone. You can join writing groups or ask family and friends to keep you accountable. Having a support system when you write is very helpful especially when you are in a writing slump. When you join a writing group, you can also gain valuable feedback from like-minded people and improve your novel in the process.

Those are some writing tips to help you with your novel writing ordeal. Follow them and your writing path will be less difficult. Just remember that writing your own book may be a long and tedious work, but it is achievable through patience, endurance and love for your craft.

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