Top 5 Free Online Proofreading Tools

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Top 5 Free Online Proofreading Tools

Proofreading is the process of reviewing a text for errors, removing grammar mistakes and formatting before sharing or publishing. It is important to proofread if you want to win the confidence of your readers. A well-written text will position you as a professional in your field and increase your online reputation. But, you won’t get anything except a high bounce rate and criticism if your writing is careless or full of errors. You can use the available free online proofreading resources or check manually for errors in your text.

Here are some free online proofreading tools:

#1: Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the world's most famous online proofreading tools and has a free package for content writers. The software goes further than correcting misspelled words and ignoring flaws in sentence structure. It also detects words used in the wrong way, although written properly to guarantee you don't miss any part of your text that may undermine its quality. Built as a convenient add-on, the software can be conveniently installed into your Firefox or Chrome browser and it will seamlessly correct and polish the text you are writing over various sites and apps.

Ginger Software offers content writers resources

#2: WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a comprehensive grammar checker that can be used on Windows computers, smartphones, and the web. The software is enriched with tools that optimize the user experience and deepens their proofreading skills. Besides, the program is also effective in detecting spelling and grammar errors and offering suggestions. It works best on MacBooks and Windows computers where it combines with word processer applications to correct grammar in various ways.

#3: Ginger Software

Ginger Software offers content writers resources which they can use to boost their writing abilities, particularly in spelling and grammar. The application is fitted with a spell checker that makes corrections and suggestions as you type. You also have access to a resource that allows you to paraphrase your text in various ways to avoid duplication. Moreover, there is a dictionary that you can use to test if you have used words correctly in a phrase or a sentence.

Top 5 Free Online Proofreading Tools

Ginger Software isn't just about fixing errors, it also lets you learn from it because the app offers users access to its resource center where they can have custom- training to boost their writing skills. Also, the app. Also, the app can translate content to over forty languages which allow users to enjoy conversations with people who speak another language.

#4: GrammarBase

This software deeply checks for almost all sorts of contextual and grammatical errors as well as misspellings and plagiarized text. To use Grammarbase, you need to paste your text into the site's proofreading field and click scan to check your text. Upon completion of the check, you will receive a free comprehensive report highlighting all mistakes, including suggestions for fixing or enhancing your text. Any content writer can use Grammarbase including freelancers to tutors and businesses that want to guarantee correct spelling and grammar in their formal documents.

#5.Garretson Writing

Garretson Writing is an easy to use proofreading tool and is suitable for instant free online proofreading. It helps you check for punctuation and grammatical mistakes in your text without spending a penny and you don’t need to download any software to access it.

For an error-free content writing, try any of the free online proofreading tools highlighted in this article.

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