Types of Copywriting

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Types of Copywriting

You have stumbled upon the right article to know about the different types of copywriting. Copywriting as a profession is widely extended to various types. As we all know before now that copywriting is the act of advertising through written contents. However, in this post, we shall be looking at the various kinds of copywriting below.


This is one of the most popular kinds of copywriting that anyone can mention today without having to think much. Sales copywriting is responsible for making up the bulk of information you can see on the web today. It basically includes texts on advertisements, product description, category description advertorials (online or in magazines) and so on.

This type of copywriting requires the writer to have variety of skills in order to deliver a perfect job. These skills include the ability of the writer to tap into the subconsciousness of the audience and understanding what they would find interesting. It also requires the ability to compress huge information into a handy easy-to-digest package. This also requires an excellent use of grammar because errors can ruin the reputation of a company.


Going further, the skill of good

It is not a new thing that every business that wants to do extremely well online will need a good score in its search engine optimization (SEO). This involves the strategic use of keywords and every other element that will increase the chances of them (websites) being found on search engines, like Google.

For this reason, SEO is only found in web content and product description. Writers in this category possess the skill to think strategically and getting into the mind of the typical customers of a company. This skill while writing, also requires writers applying creativity and insight. In other words, it requires the writer to have an extremely strong research skill.

Web Content

While some people call this "the meat of the internet", you should also have it at the back of your mind that great content is that which engages, inspire and ultimately converts. This type of copywriting can best be found on social media, blog posts and articles. The clear fact is that writing under this category is not about the product. It is clearly about building a strong relationship with your potential audience.

Going further, the skill of good storytelling is extremely needed in this type of copywriting. That is, having to tell relevant stories that completely relates with the product or service. This contains together the elements of sales writing, SEO and creative writing.

Having said so, it is generally the best way to give the readers something useful and interesting. This encourages the readers to return, and makes them engage in sharing because they know they are not being bombarded with promotional contents.

Creative Copywriting

Yes! We are talking about that same ability that you seem to be having on your mind right now. You are necessarily not doing much writing because it is more of demonstration. However, it is a vital type of copywriting that should not be ignored because of its nature. And it goes hand in hand with advertising copy, adverts you see on TV, or hear on radio which are often creative.

This copywriting requires the skill of understanding buyer's psychology and being able to think very fast. It also requires the ability to come up with turns of phrases and slogans that have what it takes to become cultural reference.

In conclusion, Copywriting is extremely wide and of different types with each having different skills and approach. While copywriting is wide, not all copywriters function in all categories. However, they tend to expand to various parts as they write on and observe where they excel at.

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