Use of figurative language in writing

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Use of figurative language in writing

Writing is the simplest way of reaching many people because writings are durable and can not be tampered with easily. Bible has existed for very many years , but the number of people who read it still increases rapidly each day. People usually read the bible so often that they get to know some verse off head. However, it does not mean that it is the only read book in the world today, as there are thousands of authors who have proven to be skilful and efficient in their work. These books ha e been read by so many people that no one has even dared to keep the record. Maybe, some books are read more often by most readers because of the language used. Different authors have got different styles of writing and their choice of words are unique.

Use of figurative language has proven to be the reason why people read books or articles from other authors. Language used in writing speaks a lot about the writer and the article itself. Nowadays, you have to prove that you can entertain your readers for you to get massive followers. The number of readers you get depend entirely on your your use of language. Make your articles boring and you will get no readers at all but a good work attracts a number of readers. Readers always want good articles that are written in a proper and unique way.

A phrase like 'love is blind'

Always ensure you are well conversant with the proper language and you will attract very many readers who will always be waiting for your new articles. Nowadays, people read books and articles for entertainment rather than knowledge hence a well written books attract readers. Figurative language has got important impacts in writing and authors use this type of language for various different reasons. This type of language can be used to describe emotions and feelings that can not be effectively and efficiently described by just common language.

A phrase like 'love is blind' holds alot of meaning to the reader. The reader will want to know what makes the love to be blind. Most authors would choose to use this idiom to describe the nature of love, implying that love does not have any boundary. Love does not look at what you wear or what car you drive because it is blind. It will just come to you naturally the way you are. Another author would choose to compare their love with the water in oceans. This would comply that their love is too much, just like the water in the ocean, and will never dry up.

It is also worth noting that

Ngugi wa Thiong'o, a Kenyan writer, discourages his community from sharing their secrets. According to him, sharing secrets with people who are not members of his community exposes them to the enemies. When this happens, he says that these secrets are only meant to his community and not any other person. However, Ngugi says this in a proverb that is only known to his people. He says that the oil skin of the house is not for rubbing onto the skin of strangers. This proverb hides his message and those not familiar with that proverb are only left to guess what the proverb means. Such proverb helps him to pass his message effectively to his people without the unintended audience from knowing what he meant.

It is also worth noting that figurative language can also be used by writers to speak their mind without attacking other people. In the novel, 'the animal farm', animals are personified to resemble human beings. The author describe the traits of the leaders in the society today in away that does not cause conflict. This helps the author in achieving their aims while avoiding conflict. Such, is a good example of how this type of language are mostly prefered by different authors as it help in avoiding conflicts.

Writers also use figurative language to

Leaders are made to guess, just like other readers if the author meant to say their names. In the play, 'shreds of tenderness', the writers demonstrate using termites in a glass how those in power mistreat people. They make the people to starve and do my even give them any medication yet they themselves are eating more than enough food. Leaders are greedy and great betrayers, according to this writer.

Writers also use figurative language to describe things that are too embarasing. Sex related articles do not augur well to kids and to some adults but, when the writer puts them down in a good language that kids don't accept, then they will be embraced by the society. The author can decide to use idioms to describe the actions of sex such that the readers will need to read between the lines to know what the author is talking about. Kids are kept away by such idioms since they do not understand even if they read the articles. Idioms like ' doing what adults do' can be very secretive but readers who are old enough will definitely know what the author is trying to say and what message the author wants to pass across to their readers.

Use of figurative language in writing

Some writers are also attracted to use of these figurative languages. They can not just stop using this kind of language because they have grown used of such languages. Because this language is enjoyable, most readers will just get themselves using such language without thinking twice. Every author needs to get used to this kind of language because it is enjoyable and saves a lot of talking and writing. Learn proverbs, metaphors, similes and other figures of speech from different communities and start using them in your writing.

They will make your articles more enjoyable and will catch the attention of readers. The most important aspect of this type of language is the ability of your audience to understand your message. Use idioms that are well known by your audience and avoid complicated ones that your audience will struggle so much to understand. Therea are always too much about the figurative language such that the authors have what to choose from. They could use similes, idioms or proverbs, among many others.

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