Ways to learn copywriting

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Ways to learn copywriting

Copywriting is the art of crafting words to boost their sales or draw the attention of the audience that would compel them to take up some form of action. It is the ability to write plausible texts that aim at persuading the audience to buy, consider, and improve a targeted product, script or anything that the person is trying to sell.

Copywriters are those who are hired by entrepreneurs to write for the product reviews, contracts, proposals, reports and any other form of writing as per the requirement of the manager.

Copywriting is a very sophisticated job. One that requires specific skills at convincing the audience to boost the sales graph. Technically, copywriting requires good writing skills with maximum grammar accuracy and ability to describe products from every point of view which would make costumers satisfy their doubts and despair. An underlying knowledge about human psychology is what the companies are looking for in the 21st century. Whether you are good at writing, a copywriter should read the mind of the consumers following the needs and aspirations of the companies and generate a review that would act as a bait to attract audiences to buy the products.

Copywriting as a career has a huge demand in the modern world. Therefore, universities and many online courses have fostered degrees and courses that would help you become a copywriter and pursue success in your journey.

There are plenty of online courses that help non-experience writers to become a copywriter. Besides, degrees at universities and colleges are also there to help you out.

This online website offers an Accelerated

There isn’t any best course. It all depends upon which course you are comfortable in. This depends upon the duration, exposure, placement, and demand of the courses you take.

There are two kinds of courses- Online courses and degree courses.

1. Online courses

The enormity of the internet comes with plenty of benefits. Education has become as easy as sitting on your sofa and doing your lessons on a laptop or tab. earlier, television companies have introduced channels for education purpose but due to the abnormality of time and duration, they aren’t as effective as this one. Online courses are diploma courses which one can attend at his/her leisure hours. There are plenty of websites that offered courses in copywriting. Some of them are:


This online website offers an Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Courses. Its world’s most popular online course for copywriting taught by the renowned copywriter Mark Ford (pen name Michael Masterson). The course doesn’t have any specific duration. You can take it slowly or stream through it. The cost of this course is $495.

Degree courses are extensive courses


Success Works is an online agency best known for its SEO Writing program. They founded the SEO Copywriting Certification program back in 2010. As said earlier, copywriting is all about convincing people, Success Works helps you to write persuasive articles intended for web and social media writing. The length of the course is just 3 months with a payment of $995.


The Blackford Centre teaches you extensive methods in copywriting not only just the theories. The most advantageous fact of this agency is that you learn everything directly from certified copywriters. They also promise placement in online agencies looking for copywriters. The course is completely time-flexible and 100% online. It provides a national diploma in copywriting. The cost of the course depends upon the location of your state or country starting from £500.

2. Degree courses

Degree courses are extensive courses. One needs to complete his/her high school to get started with degree courses in any of the universities. The best-known course in this is Bachelor’s in Arts (English). A bachelor’s degree is a three-four years course divided into semesters. It aims at introducing a wide range of literature into life thereby enhancing your creativity. Sometimes which the online courses will not do. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree get exposure to the political scenario in contemporary literature. Besides, you will able to achieve heights in the language and can write gross-free articles more expressively. Some of the universities that would help you to get BA are:

1. Maastricht University, Netherlands

2. John Cabot University, Italy

3. Stockholm University, Sweden

4. National University of Singapore

After completion of your bachelor’s degree, you can go for a two year MA course. Master’s degrees are more valuable and have more weightage in the world of copywriters.

With online courses, you may or may not get a well-paying job. But if you get an MA/BA degree, not only will you get a high paying job but also the privilege to choose any other job like a lecturer, profession, or teacher if you don’t like copywriting. Therefore, degree courses are the best for copywriting.

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