What are some examples of bad copywriting?

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What are some examples of bad copywriting?

One of the bad examples of bad copywriting is a plagiarized piece of article. This refers to a piece of article that a writer copies from other sources of information. The sources may include the internet or reference from other written sources. Plagiarism involves both copying the whole piece of article or just copying a small part of the article. Copywriting requires one to be creative and submit his/her original piece of work. Plagiarism is strongly prohibited in copy writing and it's a serious offence to copy and paste someone else's piece of work. Therefore, plagiarism is one of the bad examples of bad copywriting.

A second example of bad copywriting is improper use of punctuation marks. Punctuation marks include commas, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. Majority of bad copywriting do not apply the punctuation marks appropriately. At other times, the punctuation marks are excluded in bad copywriting. An example is a case where a writer confuses the use of a comma and a full stop. He/she may put a comma at the end of a sentence instead of using a full stop. Several writers also do not know when to use a semicolon or a full colon. This intern results into a bad copywriting.

What are some examples of bad copywriting?

Poor paragraphing is also a bad example of a bad copywriting. It is a true reflection of a poorly organized piece of article. It becomes difficult to distinguish different paragraphs when they are poorly organized. Other bad copywriting have a single paragraph that carries all the major points, minor points and all the examples in that single sentence. A good paragraph should have a clearly written topic sentence followed by the supporting sentences and finally a clincher sentence concludes the paragraph. Any paragraph that doesn't follow this order is a bad paragraph and results in a bad copywriting.

Use of long sentences is also an example of bad copywriting. Long sentences can be as a result of omission of a comma or a full stop. Sentences should be precise and straight to the point. Long sentences makes a reader reading that particular copywriting get bored. He/she therefore loses interest quickly while reading that copywriting article. A good copywriting should have short sentences that are easy to read and understand.

Improper placement of paragraphs

Improper placing of different parts of speech is another example of bad copywriting. This results in grammatical error. An example is a case where a writer chooses to use a noun or adverb to join two sentences instead of using a conjunction. Writers should read more on the uses of different parts of speech so that they can know where to place each of the parts of speech.

Use of first-person narrative is a bad copywriting. A copywriting shouldn't be based on the writer's story unless the writer is writing about his/her autobiography. It is therefore proper for the writers to use second-person narrative or third-person narrative.


Poor spacing of words and sentences in a paragraph should be avoided since it is also a bad copywriting. Words should be equally spaced in a paragraph. The spacing should be standard and uniform in between the words and paragraphs. The words and sentences should not be closely spaced and widely spaced. Most of the writers add a space after the comma and not before the comma. Good and proper spacing is good in copywriting since it clearly shows how organized a piece of article is. Such an article attracts more readers since it is easy to go through that article.

A bad copywriting has points that are not properly organized. The points are not arranged in order. It is difficult to distinguish different points within the copywriting. This also influences the flow of the story in that particular copywriting. For example, a copywriting about a story whose events are interconnected from one paragraph to another becomes difficult to understand when the points are not orderly arranged since the events on the next paragraph depends on the events on the previous paragraph.

Being a good writer

Misspelling of words is also a bad copywriting. This is mainly influenced by the existence of both American English and British English. There are words that are pronounced similarly in both the American English and British English but their spelling is different. An example of such words is "behavior". In British English, it is spelt as "behavior" while in American English it is spelt as "behaviour". The writer should be consistent with the English that he/she uses inorder to avoid misspelling of words.

Making words count is a bad copywriting. Avoid repetition of words and phrases. Writers should also avoid repeating paragraphs and sentences. In order to avoid making words count, writers should firstly draft the piece of article and organize the points and phrases that will be used.

Another example of bad copywriting is the use of passive voice. For example, John came home late. This sentence is written in the passive voice. Copywriting should be written in active voice. For example, Mary is doing her assignment.

A bad copywriting does not apply the journalistic tone. An example is a copywriting that applies either authoritative tone. The tone should be friendly and journalistic tone. It should be formal and objective talking about relevant information about the topic in question.

A bad copywriting doesn't stay on the topic. It keeps on shifting from one topic to the other. This comes as a result of lack of enough content about that particular topic. The writer should therefore do thorough research on the topic so that he/she may have enough content to write about that topic. It should be noted that researching does not involve plagiarism. The writer should not copy that particular content. He/she should research and come up with his/her content.

Lastly, wrong formatting is also a bad copywriting. Wrong formatting include use inappropriate font size. At other times, a bad copywriting may also include use of bold sentences where it is not applicable. The font size should be uniform throughout the paragraph and the entire article. Misuse of capital letters and small letters is also bad copywriting. Capital letters should be written at the begin of words, after a full stop or when referring to proper nouns while small letters should be used to complete the remaining words and sentences. Beginning a word with small letters is inappropriate. Therefore a writer should research more on when to use the capital and small letters.

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