what are some fiction writing tips for a beginner?

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what are some fiction writing tips for a beginner?

Sol Stein is a well-known book publisher and author of thirteen volumes. Stein says that a writer's role is to expose worlds and ideas that have been hidden because of shame or convention.

Many people dream of writing, but due to lack of preparation and lack of consistency, they get lost on the way and give up.

There are many books that explain how to write a book, so before you start writing, you should start reading, because a good writer is also a good reader.

Before you start writing fiction, you need to know what the term "fiction" means. Fiction is a representation produced by your imagination that does not correspond to reality, or has no correspondent in reality.

The easiest way to write a fiction is to inspire yourself from reality as much as you can, for example you can write about a story in your life, but present it as you wanted it to happen, not how it actually happened.

When you are writing fiction, first of all you have to use the most important thing that a writer must have, that is, the imagination.

Writing a fiction is similar to creating a computer game, meaning you have to play with the scenarios in your mind, before you find the order in which you have to write them. Let's say you have to play while you create.

Action does not have to be

So, to write a fiction you have to be creative, but at the same time you have to consider some steps you have to follow.

Fiction books depend on conflict and this should be established quickly, if possible in the first chapter.

You need to avoid long, expository dialogues.

The basic scenario and graph must be determined from the beginning.

Establish the main character and describe him/her.

The characters must be described very well, so that the reader can imagine them while reading.

Action does not have to be very predictable, because if readers can guess what will happen, they will not read your book until the end.

what are some fiction writing tips for a beginner?

You must maintain the action credible.

Make a sketch of your story, it doesn't have to be a detailed sketch.

Write in such a way that the reader will live in your book while reading it, that is, make him want to be the main character.

After you have finished writing a chapter, it would be best to read it out loud, because you will know better if you have done something wrong.

In order to be a good writer, you have to be careful about what is going on around you, be careful of all the people around you, because whatever happened or any story heard in the past may inspire you to write.

In order to write fiction, you will also need: to like what you do, to be patient, because you cannot write a book overnight and to have a workspace, where no one will bother you.

So, sit down comfortably, take a pen and a sheet of paper, let your imagination fly and start and write what kind of fiction you want.

Never give up your dreams, better write about them and make them look real.

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