What are some of the best online proofreading and copy-editing services

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What are some of the best online proofreading and copy-editing services

In everything we do, we are bound to make mistakes, simply because we are mere human beings. Every once in awhile, we all need help from others, even if they are strangers. Proofreaders are an excellent example of such people; their job is to help correct our mistakes and errors in the articles we write, mostly those that we haven't noticed. They are considered to be the gods of vocabulary and grammar as they are superb at what they do.

Many people are under the presumption that proofreading is an inborn ability when in all truth, it is an acquired skill. As a proofreader, you must be at the top of your game every time to ensure content is top-notch and ready for publishing. Many people question whether proofreading is important, but in all truth, it is the most important job in writing.

Nowadays, the talk of technological revolution is what anyone can speak of. We have witnessed the birth of robots that only use algorithms to execute commands even for the simplest of tasks. It is not easy to deny that technology has helped us for the better part of our lives, but can the same be accepted in the proofreading community?

Through the adoption of technology, proofreading has become digitized and here are some online proofreading and editing services that can assist you in any proofreading work:

This is one of the most

1. Spellchecker

This is one of the simplest tools ever developed primarily because all it does is to check for errors. Another awesome thing is that you can check your words in more that one language. Awesome, right? The beauty of this tool is how easy and fast it is to use and rectify errors in any article.

2. Grammarly

This is one of the most popular tools used as you can easily add it as an extension to your browser or download the app version for your device. It identifies errors and uses emojis to show you the tone of each sentence you write. However, the downside is that to have full access to components that Grammarly has, you have to pay for an upgrade from Free to Premium or Business levels. Grammarly is an exceptional way to boost your grammar and vocabulary skills and at the same time produce high-quality articles.

The benefit of this website is

3. PolishMyWriting

This free tool works by pasting your content on their website and it checks for any errors and typos present in the article. Also, it provides suggestions that can help improve the grammar and vocabulary of your article, should you wish to accept it. This process is fast and easy to understand but it requires the use of internet access to use a browser to reach their website.

4. Grammar Base

The benefit of this website is that it does not require your registration or payment. It is a free service where you only need to paste your content on their website and it will show you all the mistakes present. Moreover, every mistake is well-explained such that you can understand where you have gone wrong.

What are some of the best online proofreading and copy-editing services?

5. White Smoke

This is an exceptional tool mainly because it catches errors that other sites might have missed out on. It also identifies grammatical errors and provides writing tutorials that will help improve your writing skills and upgrade you to a professional writer.

6. Ginger

This tool is similar to how Grammarly works by offering premium levels for proofreading. You can easily add it to your browser as an extension or download the app for your device. The premium service works by providing more suggestions on rectifying grammar rules and subject-verb agreements.

7. Hemmingway Editor

This tool allows you to write only true sentences. This fast and efficient tool is useful when writing clear sentences and highlights different types of errors in various colours for you to distinguish them individually. Its web version is free to use, however, the desktop app will require you to purchase at an affordable fee.

The tools mentioned above are some of the popular editing tools out there. There are so much more that work the same way as the editing tools mentioned here. You must be decisive enough to identify which tool suits your needs and your ability to afford them. We must embrace the revolution that technology is bringing along. These tools are an excellent way of performing quick proofreading tactics as they give the best results in a short time.

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