What are some writing tips that can grab readers attention?

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What are some writing tips that can grab readers attention?

Do you want to grab the attention of your readers and sustain it? Do you want to make them curious of what your article is to offer? Then this article is just for you!

Grabbing the attention of your readers could be a big time job to pull out. It could be very difficult but if you do go by the certain rules or tips that is about to be discussed right here in this article, then grabbing the attention of a reader isn't going to be a problem anymore.

Grabbing the attention of the reader reading an article is very important. This is because is it is one of the sure way to get that reader to read to the end of that article.

In any blog post, essay or articles visited by a reader, mostly the one on your blog, if the first word of the post fails to capture the reader's attention enough to provide curiosity in them, it is a big loss.

The word which is being emphasized upon here is not the words in the body of the post or the content, it is the title. Which brings us down to the reason of this article on how you can grab reader's attention even till the end of your post.

1) The Title of The Article

This is a very sure way

When you came across the title of this article you are reading, it is enough to draw you in to read more. Especially if you are among the category of the kind of audience it is presented to. That is, a writer or better still a Copywriter.

The title alone has provided in you this curiosity to wanting to know the tips to grab and sustain the attention of your reader in your next article.

This type of trick is called clickbait. It is a type of click writers use to draw people to click on their post among other post in the list by just seeing the title of the article.

Although, a lot of people dislike this but it works! Readers will want to know what is it your post talks about. Try creating a title that will arouse a question in the mind of the reader.

Something like “I can't believe my eyes after seeing this!” With an expression like that as your title, the reader will want to know what is it you saw that you can't believe.

This is a very sure way to get lots of clicks on your posts.

Like it has been discussed earlier,

2) Hooking the Reader's

You have just invited them Into your page to your article using clickbait which is your title. It is not over there. You will want to make sure they stay to read the article itself. In order to do this, work on your first paragraph. Take your time. Make it exciting enough, paint a picture, surprise them, make a claim and so on.

Whatever it is you want to do, just don't bore them. Also, make it quick. According to research, the average time for anyone to get impressed with an article is 8 seconds.

Remember, most of these people are probably coming in form search engines. So if you fail to impress them within that short period of time, they will likely hit the search button in search for other posts.

3) Making their time worth it

Like it has been discussed earlier, you have limited seconds to impress a reader. Especially the ones coming in from search engines. So make sure you make their time on your count and not feel like a waste of time and probably data to them. Make your information informative and interesting.

What are some writing tips that can grab readers attention?

4) The Style of Your Writing

The style of your article matters. One of the style that is really unsuccessful in keeping the reader's attention is the third person style of speaking, and writing long sentences.

If you want to make the reader more interested in your article, make use of the first and second person which is the “I” and “You”. This way they feel like they are in someway part of the conversation.

One very easy way to do this is to ask questions. For example, “Do you have time for workouts?” This actually makes the reader more attentive and focused on your article.

5) The Image

You yourself can confess that at times, you read a post because of the picture you come across in it. This is very important especially if you are that kind of writer that is poor in strategy of creating enhanced pictures with your words. Using an attractive image as your thumbnail is also a good way to drive readers in.

Now you know how you can grab a reader's attention and sustain them. Putting this tips in your next article will bring in huge positive result.

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