What are the great copywriting skills?

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What are the great copywriting skills?

Before we begin to look into what the great copywriting skills are, let's discuss first what copywriting really is.

When we say “copywriting”, most times people mistake you for the word “copyrighting”. So when one boldly admits to another that he/she is a Copywriter, the other tends to think he/she does copyright audio/video. That is, they help in protection on property against theft. This is a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

Copywriting can be defined in many ways. It can be said to be the arranging of words for the aim or purpose of making things sell better. Some actually calls it “text form of salesmanship”.

A major interesting fact about copywriting is the fact that one of its aim is moving the reader being directed to to take action. This action could be making a purchase, opt-in, engage in a product and services etc.

There are numerous places you can find the beautiful work of copywriting. Some of which include; mail brochures, video on sales, podcast scripts, scripts of phone sales for company salesmen, blog post (content marketing), emails for customers (especially new customers), sales people's emails etc.

Having talked about what copywriting is all about, the skills needed in it shall be examined below.

Remember, you are not just writing for writing’s sake! You are trying to market or sell something. So in doing this, these are the skills required of a Copywriter.

1) Skill of Psychology

Content writing

Let us face it! One is not dealing with a robot in the field of copywriting. One is dealing with fellow humans. For this reason, understanding the way in which people think cannot be underrated.

One should be able to compel people to agree with them and possibly do as they had requested.

In order to do this, one needs to understand how people would respond to what is presented before them, what is it they really desire.

In summary to Al these, One needs to study people a lot. It could be technical, but it is very possible.

2) Skill of Research

One is not expected to know everything in the universe. But you can't write on something you know nothing about. Clients do bring new jobs to us which at times often seems challenging. Researching on these jobs, knowing where to go for your research and doing it quickly is a plus for any Copywriter!

The internet is full of ideas and knowledge waiting for you to access them. Having this research skill as a Copywriter is very important.

3) Grammar Accuracy

Building copywriting skills

As a Copywriter, you don't want to go feeding people with too many grammatical errors in your articles, do you?

This will very much kill the interest of the audience. Thus, leading to failure to hooking them up and compelling them.

Avoid making mistakes in your spellings, your sentence structures, punctuations, abbreviations and foreign words. Like it or not, being very good at your language is what makes you a writer.

4) Ability to Stay Up To Date

Time is not constant, it changes. So one is expected to follow up with it. It is advisable to always stay current on current and trending affairs, especially on the internet.

A skilled Copywriter will always get most of the trending topics on social media. This expose him/her to what the community/audience is interested in or looking for in which they are most likely to share.

5) Ability to Adapt

Easily adapting to situations is one of the skills one must possess as a Copywriter. One needs to understand that this job comes with the demand of writing in different styles. So one is expected to switch on different styles and tones more often.

Writing the right way

6) Ability to Know Your Audience

Sometimes, humans have little or no patient especially when dealing with internet stuffs. They want to be able to get what they are after in no time.

If a website they clicked into via search engine fails to provide them within seconds an answer, they will just click back to look for other result. To make things easier, it is important one uses;


Headlines and sub headings that are clear and easy to read

Short and very simple sentences

Good template for the page e.t.c

7) Ability to sustain the interest of the reader

You can also use the term "hook the reader". This means you keeping the interest of the reader to continue going through your content.

One of the best way to do this is providing a very catchy title or headline that would draw in the attention of the reader/audience and having a good content to match the headline.

In conclusion, these points presented above are no doubt the great skills of copywriting.

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