What is plagiarism, and why does it matter

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What is plagiarism, and why does it matter

In order to develop a business, content marketing surely is to play an important role. Providing relevant and valuable information does not only increase traffic on your page, it gives way for high sales of product. As we all know that almost anything can be found online. Thus, making the internet a huge database.

But the internet is crowded. Crowded in the sense that it is full of people running his or her website. According to research, the internet is currently accommodating over four billion active websites. So it is very easy to fall short or fall into the hole of Plagiarism while writing your content for the web.

Plagiarism is when you take or copy one's idea, work or material into your content without proper citation or credit to that person of source. It is a serious crime that can land one in jail. Not only can it land one behind bars, it can destroy one's reputation and respect as a writer.

So the act of avoiding this, writing a unique content or article for the web that will not contain Plagiarism is what we call “Plagiarism-free”. Which is what is being discussed in this article.

There are things that can be done if you wish to write a Plagiarism-free content for the web. In other words, making your content unique among the billions of website's blog posts or contents available. And they include;

2) Use the Quotation Marks<br />

1) Using Unique Words

There is no crime in getting to go online to research on a particular topic you want to write about. Since one can not write on something he or she has no knowledge of, and we learn every single day, so going online to do research on that topic is highly recommended.

But you can't just go online, research on different blogs and pages, and write them out the exact way on your content like that as if it were your own words. No, that is Plagiarism!

To save yourself from this mistake, it is advisable to go online, do research on different blogs and pages relating to the topic you wish to write about, understand what the content is trying to pass across and write them in your content using your own words. This will surely enable you write a unique article for the web.

2) Use the Quotation Marks

What is plagiarism, and why does it matter

Of course, there might be some words, sentences and ideas you really can't do without which is in the content of the article you are researching. In a situation like this, you can take out those words, sentences, or ideas into your content. But they should be inside the quotation marks.

Proper citation or crediting should be given to the source it is being taken from. Although, there are some ideas that don't really need to be cited. And they include facts or general knowledge.

5) Using Plagiarism Checkers

Just as the name implies, using Plagiarism Checker would make you know if any part of your content is plagiarized. It is a great tool you should use before you hit the publish button to that article.

Plagiarism Checker can be an Android application, it can be a Windows software or a website. The choice is yours of which to use.

Plagiarism matters a lot. This is because as a writer, it can destroy your reputation, it can reduce the changes of your work being seen in search engines, it can also send one behind bars. Also if you are a video content Creator, that is, if you are a YouTuber, it can lead to your youtube channel being blocked for good. Thereby, result in loss of years of work!

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