What is the content of an academic research proposal

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What is the content of an academic research proposal

An academic research proposal is a paper which most people have heard before or even prepared at some point of their lives. The paper usually has the same format as a research paper, and consists of the following contents:


An academic research paper should have a title that is both captivating, significant and contemplates the specific contents of the said research proposal.


In this section, the writer should bring the reader to speed on the problem being addressed in the paper. It should be motivating and state the approach that the research will take or assume. The last bit of the abstract should end by giving the reader key terms which will be used in the research proposal. This will guide the reader towards the content of the research.


This segment of your proposal should give details of what your research will be talking about. It should serve as a basic ground for your research.Intriguing subtitles can be used in this segment of introduction after you give a captivating title for your paper. Your past research papers can also be given here and in them, tell the reader the nature of your research which can either be qualitative or quantitative.

Hypotheses or Research question<br />

Statement of the problem

In this section of writing the proposal, you should describe the approach you will be using in your research. The problem you will be solving needs to be clearly described here. Statement of the problem should be inclusive of the reasons as to why this particular research is been conducted.

Purpose of the study

This step of your academic research proposal tells the reader why you believe it is important to have the research conducted. The hypothesis that needs to be tested in the research should be stated here together with any questions which need to be answered. It normally begins with the words” the purpose of this study...” and it goes on to state the instrument you will be using in your research which could be a questionnaire, survey or even interviews.

Literature review

This is a section of your research proposal which you should use to bring already known information to the reader. The writer also reveals the procedure which will be used in their research. Researches conducted initially by the researcher should appear here.

Hypotheses or Research question

In this section, you will tell

This is part of writing an academic proposal that includes you telling us what hypothesis you will use in your research. The questions around your research should also come out clearly in this step and the theories that will be of use in your study.

Methods and procedure

While writing your term paper, you should use this section to state the methods you will use in your research paper to show your hypotheses. The section will give the inner details of your research and discuss the key variables in your research that you will test or control to prove your hypotheses.


This section will tell us about any demerits you may incur in the process of your research. There are many challenges you will face in your research but this section only seeks for those which affect the research process more.


In this section, you will tell the readers why the research is important to your audience? Why should people read what you come up with and of what benefit is the research to your audience?

What does an academic research paper comprised of?


In this section, you will have to list all sources of your information with the right referencing format be it APA or MLA. The style of referencing that you choose for your paper should be continually followed.


Here you will have to state the number of persons to be involved in your research. You should give the time frame of their involvement,and the roles they will be playing in your research. The section needs you to state if there are people who need to be hired in the prices of your research and give the reasons for the same.


This section should be used to state the cost that will be incurred to successfully conduct your research. This is an important section as the sponsors will seek to know how much money will be needed to make your research a success. All the expenses should be included which includes both the personnel, non-personnel and administration costs incurred.

In conclusion, for your academic research proposal to be complete, it should have the above illustrated components.

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