What is the cost for proofreading

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What is the cost for proofreading

So, for you to give up the time to read this article primarily suggests you want to know the cost attached to proofreading. If this be the case, your answer lies right here in this article with in-depth analysis. All you have to do is to relax, sit comfortably, be patient and read through the page.

The price or cost of proofreading varies tremendously in many ways which will be discussed in this article. Before we kick off to the matter that gathers us together right here, we should better look into what proofreading is, and why it is necessary.

Proofreading is the final step or phase of a written document, before that document is confirmed to be published or passed to clients. Going by the definition above, it will be easy to misunderstand what proofreading really is. But you should note that before a work or document is sent over for the process of proofreading, that document is already a step closer to perfection. This means that, the document is expected to have passed through editing and corrections before it goes into proofreading.

At the stage of proofreading, accuracy of grammars, spellings, punctuation, content alignment with the title or subject, and so on are being checked.

In other words, proofreading check for errors that have been missed or added by the previous editing stages.

People who proofread as a profession or part of their profession are called “Proofreaders”.

Factors that can Determine Proofreading Cost

So, if you try asking what are the importance of proofreading, then you are about to get the answer to such question in full, with in-depth understanding.

Proofreading is important because it ensures our Capitalization errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, Grammar errors, and so on, are being checked. This way, one decides if the document written is fit for publication of still needs amendment before it can be published.

As a writer, you want to write without destroying your reputation, then proofreading your write-ups gives you such opportunity to do so.

Now, having understand what proofreading is, and the importance, why not let us get down to the subject of the article.

As spoken earlier, there are many reasons to why the cost of proofreading is not steady. Knowing what Proofreaders will charge you for working on your document is highlighted below.

Factors that can Determine Proofreading Cost.

Time Factor is also another undeniable

1) Type of Documents

While many Proofreaders will charge you same amount regardless of the type of document you wish to proofread, others will not.

For example, for those whose charge varies via the types of document given to them, fee for a scholarly article will be different from the fee of a business memo.

So, before you submit your document for proofreading, have it in mind that you may be charge higher or lesser, depending on the document you want to present.

2) Time Factor.

Time Factor is also another undeniable reason why your fee or charges with your document could differ significantly. Take for example, you hire three laborers to do a job for you at your farm.

3) Charge Per Hour<br />

Let's say this job require them to clear the bushes of the farm which the farm happens to be of a larger size. And judging by the hours they work, as well as the speed, they will finish the work at approximately 4 days.

Giving that you as a person does not have such time to throw away, wants the job done in a day or two, you know what should be done. It means you will have to hire more laborers to fit in with your time frame, so that the work can be completed in time. And of course, we know that hiring more laborers require you spending more money.

The same theory or application applies to you to proofread your documents of any type.

A document or a project that is supposed to be completed in 14 business days will cost you $23. If you require that project to be completed in 3 business days, then you should be ready to pay about $80 to proofread that document.

So, the next time you want to proofread your document, you should have in mind that the faster the job is done, the higher the fee to be paid.

3) Charge Per Hour

What is the cost for proofreading?

While some Proofreaders charge by the number of days or the number of weeks, some charge by the hour.

While this may seem easy, it is best to note that there is more to this. Coming in contact with a proofreader who charges by the hour, you will not be able to predict the charge of the proofreading until the job is completed. This automatically gives you no chance at all to go for the best value.

Basically, proofreading services charges fees around $10 to $45 per hour, depending on the skill level of such a Proofreader. Or depending on the background of the website you delivered your document for proofreading.

However, some professional proofreading services that offer by-the-hour can charge not less than $95 per hour.

4) Charge by Word

Proofreading can also be charged by the number of words that is in your document or your project. Prices could range from two cents to ten cents per word if presented to a professional proofreading service for a thousand words document.

However, there are Proofreaders from across the globe that would agree to handle your work for you at a very low and affordable price. Low and affordable we mean, having to take your project and charge you as low as $5 to $8 per a thousand words.

While the idea of giving your proofreading project to such an individual seems enchanting, it is best to note that such people might not possess the qualifications.

To crown it all, if you get dissatisfied with the work that such an individual has done for you, there are higher chances you will not get a refund.

In conclusion, regarding all that have been said since the beginning of this article, knowing the cost that will be charged by Proofreaders to proofread your document could be impossible. But with all the factors that have been highlighted above, you are sure to guess the range at which proofreading will cost you.

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