What process do you use when proofreading

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What process do you use when proofreading

In everything we do, we are bound to make mistakes, simply because we are mere human beings. Every once in awhile, we all need help from others, even if they are strangers. Proofreaders are an excellent example of such people because their job is to help correct our mistakes and errors in the articles we write, mostly those that we haven't noticed. They are considered to be the gods of vocabulary and grammar as they are superb at what they do.

Many people are under the presumption that proofreading is an inborn ability when in all truth, it is an acquired skill. As a proofreader, you must be at the top of your game every time to ensure content is top-notch and ready for publishing. We all have different processes to prepare articles for publications. It is important to stick to whichever processes you follow because these steps become everyday habits in your life. Here are some steps that are undertaken whenever proofreading is done:

1. Cleanse the mind before attempting any proofreading because this regimen is especially useful to relieve ourselves of any tiredness and fatigue. Brewing and drinking a good pot of coffee or taking a short meditation lesson is an amazing way to clear the mind and bring it into focus.


2. Re-reading the article more than once is the next step of the process. At times, reading the article once might have you overlooking things even the simplest of errors. This step is crucial to identify whether the content written makes sense and the layout follows the theme of the question at hand.

3. Checking for spelling errors is the next step in line, primarily because automatic spellcheckers might be incorrect or rather change the letters of some words. As human beings, we have a greater capability of understanding tones and feel the emotion that the content is trying to bring out. Mistakes such as punctuation marks, grammar and vocabulary, must be identified over and over again. If possible, making a proofreading printout of the document in question helps a lot. Seeing the words on a printed page makes everything appear clearer and easier to spot any errors.

4. After proofreading the article(s) at hand, taking a break is another vital step in the process. It is important to come back with fresh eyes because having a tired mind will only make anyone miss out on identifying mistakes. It's like doing an exam when you have an exhausted mind; remembering answers will seem hectic and all you can do is watch the minutes on the clock go by.

What process is use when proofreading?

5. Sometimes, read the content from back to front. This means that you read the last sentence as first till the topmost and as hard as this might seem, it works wonders.

6. The last step is to do another proofread just to make sure everything is right and perfect. Also, asking for help from other proofreaders is never a bad idea. Such people have a better way of pointing out mistakes that might still be present.

These steps are an amazing way to perform any proofreading work because they ensure that results are perfect and ready for publishing every time.

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