What writers say about writing

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What writers say about writing

Different writers have different opinion about writing. Affiliate writers see writing as a source of income and a way to showcase their talents in creativity. Writing different articles sharpen their language skills and do research of the topics given. It is also addictive once you start various ideas keep flowing that will make you want to express them by using a paper and pen. You beat the feeling of being lonely by expressing yourself on paper and communicating to many people silently. Writing make you see any event as an interest lesson to learn from since stories are formed where people are hence making writing spicy and full of flavour.

Through writing you can go to

Through writing you can go to places you have never known before because you thirst for more knowledge and explore different culture and beliefs which are captivating to tell other people who have no idea. Writing helps you to have good management skills, first you must come up with a working plan on how you are going to invent a story and decide on the theme. Then you organize how your work will flow systematically without going out of the topic. Coordinate your writing with what is happening around and within your surrounding. Through your writing you provide a clear direction in which the readers will be able to comprehend and learn from. As a writer you are always a leader in giving relevant information because society depend on you to have knowledge that is hidden.

Writers view writing as a stress

Writers view writing as a stress reliever where you express your feelings and emotions through words. When you feel low or excited your reader will be able to know with the way the story flows. You find art in writing because of the different themes, styles, characters and genre in one book. It acts as an eye opener and to the blind for they see what others cannot be able to comprehend. They are ears to the deaf as they listen to different stories from various people and make a story out of them. Writers act as mouth to the voiceless for they speak through what they jot down they also say what others are afraid to utter because they fear to put their lives in jeopardy.

What writers say about writing

Some theme in the books speak about weird cultural beliefs that hinder certain gender from doing certain things. But a writer could view it as a way the society use to take advantage of another person to feel inferior. The writer can use this character to open up the mind of a reader to know his rights are being violated hence writers are saviour to the lost. They are also good investigators since they dig deeper and get actual information before they put it on paper this will make it a bit hard for the reader to differentiate between facts and fiction or dreams from reality. The second best psychologists in the world are writer for they know how to play with the mind of their readers to ? them.

They also know how to play with emotions of their readers as when the story is full of melancholic events the reader will be sad, if it has a happy ending the reader will be jovial. Writing is a way of prophecy where you can foretell what will happen in the future through viewing the past connecting it with present and concluding what forthcoming events will be like.

The beauty of writing is found when you read and research on various articles to sharpen your skills and abilities. This will make you sharp wiser and more create in your work. Once you make this your routine it will be hard to let go because it has become part and parcel of you. A pen and a book becomes your best companion which you use to confide in them.

When writing you will be able to face your fears, speak what you cannot utter with your mouth since nobody will criticize and make you feel inferior. You will be able to express yourself without fear of contraction because of the great freedom you have to express yourself and let your inner feelings be heard. Writer will always embrace writing since it is their way of life.

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