What writers will earn from their written words

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What writers will earn from their written words

Writing has become one of the best source of earning a living in the society today. Books, newspapers, academic papers, journals among other writing materials are always available for purchase in various markets today. When these materials are bought, the authors of such materials always benefit from the money realised through such sales. The more sales are made from a writing, the more money the author of such article earns. Price of these writings will entirely depend on the content of such articles, the purpose of such articles and the intended audience. Articles meant for students are commonly cheaper than those meant for adults. However, it is worth noting that students are the major readers and therefore tend to buy more of these materials.

What writers will earn from their

What writers will earn from their writings depend on various factors. One of the factors is the audience that the writer is addressing, for instance, students. Writers who write revision materials always tend to sale a lot of their writings because most students would use such writings for their revision. Columnist also get good money from their columns because their articles are sold together with the whole document such as newspapers. These columnist do not have the stress of looking for a market for their writings. They only do the writing and the company they are writing for will do the selling. You will find such columnist in newspapers and magazines and are always unique in their writings and are also known for being good readers and good researchers.

These columnists are mostly experts whose

These columnists are mostly experts whose opinions are of greater importance to the readers. Readers will learn new ideas and concepts from them. They are mostly great people in the society whose opinions will count a lot and who have been proven to be experts in their respective fields. Such columnist include economists, politicians, sports persons among others, whose main objective of writing is to give their expert opinions and past experiences. They have avast knowledge about their fields and also have the ability to write. Such columnist are always paid well for their opinions and for this reason they are considered to be among the best earners among the writers today.

Best earning writers

Most people enjoy watching movies and plays that are always and readily available. These items are first written down before they can be acted by people we refer to as movie writers and play writers. Such authors as these, have the creativity that are needed in creating such movies and plays. Most movies and plays you watch were first written down and sold in writings before they could be acted and sold out as movies and plays. Therefore, it is if great importance to understand that these authors will always earn twice from their writings.

Books they write are sold as books before the copy rights are bought from them. One of such writers is David Morrel, who wrote a book entitled 'fast blood'. This book was later put down in movie to give one of the best movies called 'fast blood' that feature some of the best actors in the world today. That movie captures everything that is the book and when you read such book before watching the movies, you will be like watching the movie for the second time. The movie will be very interesting and you will be enjoying every bit of it.

In most schools today, literature is taught as one of the main subject. Kenya as a country, uses various books from various authors to teach students literature in schools today. The books are from the Kenyan authors or from other authors around the world. When this happens, authors of such books will get good returns from the purchase of their books and this would be a good sign of appreciating diverse culture and knowledge. This make this authors to get big returns from their work and hence making them one of the biggest earners among writers.

Whatever amount writers earn depend on what they write and their audience. Their earnings varies from time to time and always themes in their writings and their styles of writing play a vital role in who buys their books and articles. Writers should always ensure they use good language and make their work eye catching. According to Forbes magazine, the top earners annually include authors like James Patterson who makes 90 million us dollars annually and Dan Brown who also makes a whopping 28 million US dollars annually. Others include Nora Roberts and veronica Roth. Writing pays well and you have all the reasons to start writing today.

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