What's a good proofreading service for academic articles?

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What's a good proofreading service for academic articles?

It is not a surprise that you are asking what a good proofreading service for an academic article is. To be precise, this is one of the top most asked questions in the area of proofreading. The good news is, you are lucky to be reading this article because this is your last bus stop to that answer you are looking for. This is going to be a long ride of explanation, with in-depth understanding of what will equip you with the knowledge you should have.

However, before we kick off on the matter on ground, why not allow us walk you through the explanation of what proofreading is.

In case, you are coming across the term 'Proofreading' for the first time, the explanation is simple and interesting.

Proofreading is the act of editing a written document which can be of any type, before it is sent to the teacher, client, or before it is published. That is, proofreading is the final stage a document must pass through before it reaches it's targeted audience. While the process of proofreading is going on, errors like punctuation, grammars, spellings, writing style, and so on, are being checked. And this is what proofreading services are there to offer to its clients.

So, before you submit this article

Note that before a document goes through the stage of proofreading, such a document has already been edited before for such errors. But to proofread the document will be to thoroughly check for errors missed or added by the former editing process.

Now, getting down to the main topic of this article which we are sure drive you to read this far. You want to know a good proofreading service for academic articles? There is a huge chance that an academic articles will have multiple errors when written at first. Don't get this article wrong, it is applicable to all documents, from business memos to birthday cards. But in this article, for us to remain on point, we want to dwell on the academic article specifically.

When an academic article is written, there are always huge errors around it at first. This is due to many reasons in which some of them include rushing the article, tiredness while writing, not knowing that what they wrote is wrong grammatically, and so on.

So, before you submit this article to your teacher or whoever is in charge, you may want to proofread that article to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Scribendi professional academic proofreaders are skilled

One plain truth is, you cannot completely proofread your documents or your academic articles yourself. This is because your brain must have gone through that article and store them in. So, while you read to find out your errors, you notice that you have finish reading the lines before you get to the end of that line. This makes it tremendously difficult to spot your mistakes while proofreading your academic articles. And this is what brings us to the professional-proofreading-services that you should know as a student.

You must have heard of Scribendi which is currently one of the leading-professional-proofreading services website. If you haven't heard of them yet, then sadly we must announce to you that you are missing out a lot. So, if you are looking for a professional proofreading services for that your academic articles, Scribendi is the best choice that should be recommended for you.

Scribendi is a professional proofreading services that has been in existing since 1997 by Terry Johnson and Chandra Clarke for the aim of connecting ideas, as well as people across the globe. In 2017, an important milestone was marked in the company's history through the transition to a new leadership by Patricia Riopel and Enrico Magnani. With Scribendi having edited over 1 billion words and have processed more than 400,000 orders, Scribendi has been a world leader in online proofreading and editing industries.

Scribendi professional academic proofreaders are skilled enough to help you catch typos, fix your misspellings, and repair your broken grammars. With their skilled experts in proofreading services, you are assured to receive these services that is highlighted below.

4) You also get to receive

1) A manuscript that has been edited and corrected from any grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and other errors that must have been found in the article.

2) To help grow or improve clarity, structure, readability and flow, changes and suggestions are given which should be counted as an extra advantage.

3) They also provide you tracked revision for the purposes of you being able to see and review all the changes in your academic article that have been made.

4) You also get to receive a short summary of the work done that may be of any major concern.

What is one good proofreading service for academic articles you can recommend?

Scribendi can be used to proofread your papers, essays, research projects, brevia, conference proceedings, presentations, posters, journal articles and assignments.

Going further on the discussion, the price at which you can get your work done on Scribendi is explained below.

The payment at which Scribendi charge is based on the project that is given to them to proofread. That is, it is based on how long it will take to edit or proofread the work. You should also note that the price of proofreading a work on Scribendi can be measured by the number of words that the academic article contains.

Most times, their charges per word ranges about $0.02 to $0.05. So, if you are submitting a document or an academic article containing 1000 words, you should be expecting to pay about $20 to $50.

In addition to the above, you should note that some clients do pay $20 per hour for their document.

When it comes to guarantees and safety, there is no doubt that Scribendi has kept their side of the bargain for years now. And despite the cost, their services are worth every bit of your penny.

In conclusion, finding a proofreading service that will deliver well to your satisfaction can be difficult. As some might be of good quality and high in price, while some might be offering services in low price but their output is not up to satisfaction. But with Scribendi, there is every assurance that you are safe.

Happy writing!

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