Where to find best writers online

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Where to find best writers online

Have you ever read a piece of writing that was really exciting, attractive, and left you longing for more written work of that kind? Then you need to know this. The best-written pieces of work usually come from writers who dedicate their energy and skills giving their best at writing. It is always the dream of individuals who need writers to write for them and writing companies to get quality writing. Getting the best writers is the main challenge they face despite the existence of many writers globally. The main reason is that despite the availability of many writers all over the world, a few of them can give you a satisfying and desirable piece of work. This article addresses where you can find and hire some of the best writers for you online as discussed below.

Individuals and writing companies that cannot access the writers in person tend to look for these writers online. However, some have failed in their quests as they end up getting writers in unofficial sites, who, in turn, give them low-quality services. Quality is always valued as it can make your writing business to rise to higher levels you have ever imagined. The following sites are genuine and can lead you to get your desirable writer for hire.

Up work.

This site has similar features like

This writing site is among the largest and widely known freelance writing sites globally and it has joined Elance and Odesk, providing a wide variety of writers in its database. It is, therefore, your task to use filters to analyze these writers, narrowing down your preference to writers that match the area of expertise and needs of your business. You can also look for writers based on their level of know-how and the charges for their services, including the hourly rates. However, it is worth knowing that you will need more time and patience for you to filter through this pool of writers for you to get the best. The reason is that many writers in this platform come from different countries and may not meet your needs in the type of skills you want. Up work has exhibited a wide variety of choices for you that includes technical, writing, blogging, and copywriting.


This site has similar features like Up work in terms of its size and a wide variety of writing jobs. Currently, it has 1.5 million people who actively use it globally. You can share documents and create tasks on Guru for the management and the process of marketing. Like the Up work, Guru provides the writer's features and profit percentages and allows the businesses to post jobs for free. The charges lie with the type of the writer's membership and choice that ranges from 5%-10% for every task. Guru is the right place to hire a writer and the best option for owners of small businesses that may be having their budgets so tight.

The writer finder<br />


In this site, there is a job listing area that can easily enable you to access the qualified writers for your business. It is an open site for you to get a writer; however, if you need an exemplary quality and not just average work, then it may not fit you. Comparing the quality of writers found in Guru and Up work, the writers here are ranked lower. If you only need a writer who can only come to the office or remotely work for you less frequently, then you can get such writers here. This site does not need lengthy procedures to post a job as you can create and publish an assignment without signing up an account. After filling the details, the writers within your area will see the posted position, contact you, and work on it.

The writer finder

Where to find best writers online.

This agency plays a significant role in connecting expert freelance writers with owners of the businesses. A team in this agency goes through the extensive database of writers who have undergone vetting and have the experience, then connects them with suitable business needs. The services you receive here from the writers aim at satisfying you, and in case you are not satisfied, there is a guarantee that you will be refunded your money. It is one of the sites that get you a writer for hire and have your tasks done to your fullest satisfaction.

ProBlogger job board

This platform is a paid board for tasks where individuals and businesses can find excellent writers of their choice. The writers here are of high quality and have several years of experience in their writing niches. Even though it is not as extensive as Up work, it has experienced and quality writers generally. In using this platform, you will be required to create an account and pay a fee for the job posting, and the listing of your job will remain active for 30 days. If you miss finding a writer withing this period, you may renew the post for an added cost.

In conclusion, the above-discussed sites are the best for finding and hiring a writer of your choice, as explained above on how they do their tasks. Despite the existence of other sites, the ones above will be of great help in giving you all you need and getting you the best writer for hire.

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