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Where to post writing

Writing is the most anticipated and highly held esteem hobby of people these days. It is one of the important ways of making yourself heard using mere pens and words. While some run miles away from writing, others look at it as a means of happiness and admiration. Expressing your thoughts on a piece of paper or any other medium is the most relaxing and comforting activity. Today there is a marked increase in the number of writers, trying to express their ideas and inventions. The statistics show that despite all the inventions and technological advancements, writing is the one thing that has never stopped writers to lose their writing capabilities. On the contrary, their writing capabilities have in fact, been revitalized and enhanced.

With all the writers around, having all the new ideas and stories lurking in their minds, the need for publicizing their content is an important factor that retards the capabilities of these writers. The reason for retardation, simply put, lies in being unable to publicize their content and make their voices and ideas heard. This is because every writer wants their article to reach masses and get their ideas and stories around the globe. It also accounts for the lack of understanding in the availability of online platforms where writers can upload their content free of cost for masses to read and access them.

Before going into a short detail

Owing to the demand of writers of getting their content across the globe, many platforms have been introduced that provide the writers ease of posting their content and generating views. Through these platforms, writers can generate mass views of their content along with the reviews for it. They can then use these reviews to make the baseline of their writings firmer and stronger. The seven best platforms that offer the writers free uploading of their content, as well as access to other writer's content, include the following Wattpad, Inkitt, Quotev, Commaful, SwoonReads, Alter Stories, and StoryBird.

Before going into a short detail of these platforms, the question arises why do writers want to upload their work at all? While there are several answers to this question depending upon the writer's intentions, some of these are however common and include. The writers want to erect a fan base through their writings and want to make the foundations of their storyline stronger. Vetting the idea about a novel before publishing it to determine its scope may also be the reason. Getting feedback for the content to determine the required merit of your content.

Platforms to publish your content free-of-cost for publicizing

Wattpad is a community of over 65 million writers and readers worldwide waiting for you to upload your content for them to read. It offers a nice and steep rise starting edge to the writer's writing journey. At Inkitt, you can earn a publishing deal through your content if it reaches the highest reads and the most rated content. StoryBird brings an enhanced interactivity, allowing you to upload pictures alongside your stories to make it more appealing and attractive, ideal for writers looking into kids storybook publishing career. Quotev allows you to share fan-fiction content and structure surveys. Commaful offers the work genres of fanfiction and short stories with high user interactivity.

All these platforms are a good starting point for writers as they offer a completely free platform to writers for uploading their content. They offer a wide range of features, each of its kind and the writers can choose the platform according to their liking and the theme of their content.

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