Where to post writing online

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Where to post writing online

Writing online articles has gained momentum in the contemporary society that has enabled and promoted literacy skills. There are those who are writing articles and them who are posting work to be done on their behalf. With the existence of many websites where work can be posted to be viewed globally. It is important to note that the choice on where to post the work done depends on the type of article. Posting your work online increases your traffic flow and improves your online presence.

The most common platforms where online writing can be posted are the following; blogging sites, publisher sites, social media among many others. For blogging sites, you can create your own blog then post variety of work you have. However, the blog must be organized in a manner that makes the content being posted attractive to the online community. Blog effectiveness is anchored on the links created for people to join and access the information.

Online writing can be posted on

Social media offers the most effective and faster way of posting the online writing. Face book, Instagram, Google plus and twitter are key platforms for posting online work. For any of them, a single post will circulate the world within a short time and feedback in most cases is readily available.

Online writing can be posted on quota-com, this is where most of the creative writings, short stories and poems are posted for people to read and give their feedback. This site is free and no money is need to join and post the written work. It is commonly used by new-writers to get the feedback on their writing suitability. The writings are categorized as either junior or senior depending with the topic of discussion being talked about. This site hosts a lot written pieces addressing various themes and topics that are useful in academia.

In addition, writers' cage

Publisher site is another useful platform for posting online work for those who have written their own original composition. They assist the upcoming writers in editing their work and offer review services. If the piece meets the minimum threshold according to their editors, they assist in publishing that particular work at their own cost. This particular site has nurtured young writers to the extent of giving them prize to the best written articles. They also have a strong group of mentors that guide the writers on tonal, writing styles, formatting skills and general impression the article is likely to create.

In addition, writers' cage.org offers exemplary opportunity for online writers to post their work. The work is heavily exposed to many online communities who are able to access and make judgments. This guarantees consistency in following up the work and many people are able to view the work. They offer competitions among the best online posted articles and reward the writers according to the opinion of various viewers on the site. Sharing best articles with the companies doing the same thing is their common practice. This site host various writers across the global who write on different topics and titles of their choice.

where to post writing on line

Moreover, the fourth site to post your online writing is called writers chat room. This platform enables the writers to engage the readers and other authors of different genres. They are able to critique the work posted with leading comments on how to improve the given article is suggested. It focuses on the quality of the work and not the number of pages. This site is comprehensive to the extent of having live chats to converse with different readers having contrary opinion on the writing posted. Whenever a new article is posted, the rest of the members are notified through their mail list . The newsletter is sent monthly to various new writers encouraging them to present more work.

Where to post online writing is various online writing jobs platforms across the globe. There are sites where one is looking for online writers for his academic or business work and also site for freelancers. Websites like up work and guru are typical examples global sites where you can post your work and a client can bid for it and write it based on your guidelines. The decision on where to post the work rest upon the decision of the owner of the work. In most cases, the pursuit of quality work overrides the cheaper cost of having the work done.

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