Where to start writing an effective blog

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Where to start writing an effective blog

Blog writing is what most people are opting to go for as a career in the present-day world especially owing to the pandemic crisis the world is suffering from. Shortly, a blog is a type of website with all the written content and illustrations involved to attract readers attention. Blog writing is an interesting career to pursue on, especially for those who love to share their life moments and experiences with others. Although it is quite a common field these days, however, lesser people become successful in this niche because it requires the content to be both interesting and engaging for readers to read on. Some people develop the interest of blogging but don't know where to start exactly. Therefore, we will discuss some of the platforms and some ways of starting an effective blog here to help readers in creating their blog.

Many platforms are available online which allows users to materialize their blog, however, each platform is unique in its way. Features that one platform provides freely; other platforms might require subscription for that same feature. The solution to this problem is simple and lies in developing a thorough understanding of the essential features and steps required to start a blog. Here are the steps that should be followed for starting a new blog.

1) Selecting a descriptive name for your blog

2) Selecting a platform to get your blog online

3) Customizing and making blog attractive

Platform: There are several platforms out

4) Writing and posting a content -your post- for your blog

5) Generate automated leads to attract audiences so that more people read your content

6) incorporate AdSense account and affiliate marketing to monetize your blog

Naming a blog: This is the first and foremost objective of blog writing. A blog name should be selected to be descriptive enough and attractive for the audiences.

Platform: There are several platforms out on the internet to choose from. The most important platforms include Wix, WordPress, Weebly, ProBlogger, Tumblr, etc. Selecting a platform might be a tricky objective to achieve however, the following points might help in selecting 'the one' platform for your blog.

Where to start writing an effective blog?

Wix is a platform that can offer you an integration of a blog with a website. WordPress is a powerful platform that allows users to create fully customizable blogs and has powerful blogging tools for users to incorporate in their blogs. Weebly is known for its instant speed with which it can help create a blog for you with minimum effort. Tumblr is aligned more towards delivering you a clickable content experience on your blog, ideal for sharing short form.

Customization of blog: After selecting a platform for your blog creation, select the template that suits best with your blog content. Make the interface of your blog colorful and attractive to attract the audience.

Writing content and posting: Once the interface of your blog is ready, start writing content. Use simple language so that the readability of your blog is suitable for most people and use illustrations to illustrate your words in the reader's minds. Make the content engaging and attractive for the audience to assure they come back for more of your content.

Generating leads and publicizing the content: This is one of the greater milestones to achieve in blogging that requires a bit of hard work. Make use of your social networks to publicize your content and generate automated leads through your friends and people in your network to attract more audience to your blog.

Monetizing: After all the effort, if it were not for money, you would not have done that much of the effort, right? Don’t worry, you can monetize your blog through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing to earn money from your blog.

If you have good abilities and a strong command in the English language and have a persuasive writing ability, blogging will help you significantly as a career. Following the above points, you can know the direction of starting a blog easily. Happy Blogging to you!

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