Which part-time jobs pays well

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Which part-time jobs pays well

There are several choices to deciding a part-time job that is right for you. Many part-time jobs can earn you great income above minimum wage. In this article, we would be discussing part-time jobs, their requirements and the average income you can earn. And without wasting time, this is what we will be looking at below.

1. Bartender

Bartending is a kind of job that requires you to deliver a high level of customer service and maintaining a safe environment as you work. The requirements of this kind of job depends on the country, states or the employer. However, the popular requirements for this job are to obtain a responsible server certification the minimum age requirement from 18-21 years.

In terms of income as a bartender, you can earn the average income of about $11 per hour.

2. Bank Teller

This is another amazing part-time job that can earn you lots of money by doing simple work. All that is expected of you to do in this job is to greet customers and direct them to the appropriate section within the credit union when they arrive. This includes process deposits, withdrawals and other banking transactions they may need help to go about.

Bookkeeping is an awesome choice if

The requirements for this kind of job include basic math skill and complete training by the bank. This is no doubt another high paying job as you stand to earn about $13 per hour.

3. Tour Guide

You might not know, but this is also another example of high paying part-time job. All you are expected to do is to maintain a wonderful customer experience for tourist with a positive attitude. You are also expected to answer questions relating to the tour sites.

The requirement of many tour jobs will need you having the appropriate driving license because you will be driving a bus or other speciality vehicles. And doing this work can earn you the income of about $14 per hour.

4. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is an awesome choice if you are looking for a part-time job to do that will fetch you good income. The work requires you to work for a company or set their schedules by maintaining their client base. That is, as a bookkeeper, you are responsible for maintaining and balancing accurate ledgers. You are right if you say bookkeepers report financial results and coordinates bank deposits regularly.

The requirement of this job includes having a Bachelor's Decree in accounting or any other related field. And the income of this job is promising enough as it is about $17 per hour.

5. Personal Trainer

This is one of the most respected part-time jobs we can find nowadays. It involves you taking up the responsibility of training clients that is interested in losing weight, entering competition or increasing their fitness level. You are to provide clients with safe and reasonable exercises that can be done both in the gym and at home.

The requirement for this job is having a personal training or a group training certificate. You should know that it has a high paying rate of about $21 per hour.

6. Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the first jobs that come to the mind of many when an example of a part-time job is asked of them. Freelancers are people who sell a specific talent or skill in favour of their client's product by setting up their prices and working by hours (or days). Talking about freelancing is wide and can contain an article of its own. However, freelancers are responsible for handling all payments and building their own client base.

Because of the widest nature of freelancing, the requirements will be impossible to cover in this article. Nevertheless, some basic requirements for this kind of job include high skill in English which includes grammar, punctuation and spellings, research skill and so on. The interesting part is as a freelancer, you are sure to receive the payment of about $23 per hour.

In conclusion, finding part-time jobs that pays well is something that shouldn't be difficult if you know what you want and you have what it takes. The truth is, most people start this job as part-time, but later go full-time because of the huge income attached to it.

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