Which tools would you recommend a copywriter use

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Which tools would you recommend a copywriter use

Coming up with a copy is easier said than done especially if you are not a professional copywriter. Whether you are writing for emails, sales pages, articles or social media these tools can be your trusted allies to help you up your copy game.

1. Poor grammar and spelling faults are the worst antagonists of good copy. And to avoid these rivals you will need a spell and grammar check tool. It is a remarkable free Chrome, Safari and Firefox allowance that checks your spelling and grammar on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and nearly everywhere else on the web. They similarly have an enhance in for Microsoft Office and Window app. Copy writing is a combination of creativity and science hence need to choose the exact right arguments to have a strong sounding cadence, responses and an immediate appeal to both readers and Google.


2. Read able by Web Page Fox as the name advocates is a readability assessment tool that uses broadly accepted readability formulas to realize if your copy is up to par. It allows you to set your target keyword, enter a Meta description and page slug then evaluates everything on the page to let you know how your post is holding up. Read able takes into consideration your text, how frequently you are using the keyword, headline, inward bound links, outbound links, images and extra since keywords are a vital part of copy writing.

3. Hemingway app tells you valuable information about your copy. Real value of this app to highlight common writing errors with different colors. The tool will highlight where the text needs improvement, flagging down things like sentences that need to be shorter, passive to be made active and even phrases that have simpler alternatives.


4. Word Counter is a tool that counts and ranks the most frequently used arguments in your copy. You have to copy and paste the text you want analyzed into a box and have the option to exclude common words, use only roots or select how many words you want listed. This tool can help you discover some keywords in your copy or see the words you used more.

5. Headline Analyzer is a tool that examines the right balance of common, unusual, emotional, and powerful words are things that makes a headline great. The analyzer can perceive if your line falls into one of the categories or if its generic. And if that is the situation think about reorganizing your headline. It will also look at the term, character count and place all the information together to let you know how solid it is.

Tools Would I Recommend A Copywriter To Use

6. Unstuck it is a tool that is needed in a technical field and in struggle to break down esoteric industry jargon into writing that your audience can easily read and understand. You enter the jargon that you need to be translated and the tool will jump into action either defining the jargon or giving you synonyms. Even if you do not find the terms you are looking for, it can give you a good starting place then take to Thesaurus. But it gives a better idea of how to translate some phrases if they cannot provide a suitable alternative themselves.

7. Word able is a tool that allows you import your work from a Google Doc to Word Press. You can write as you usually would in a Google Doc and Design it as you like with bold, italics and built in titles or include images, bullets or tables and use notes, track changes or collaborate. It lists the last ten documents you modified automatically so that you can just choose whether to export as a post or a page.

8. The Writers Reverse Dictionary allows you look up words by definition. So the next time you can just type in the definition, press search and you will have a list of them to choose from. Every time you would like to spice your copy up with some rhyming terms give it a go. Rhyme Zone will leave your thoughts blown hence the tools make it easier to craft copy that your audience will respond to both on your blog and in your advertising campaigns. We all need some way to deliver copy to our clients and Google Drive is the perfect answer. Not only do most of my clients use it already, but the vast amount of storage and simple makes it a far better choice for me than Dropbox.

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