Why Companies don't allow people to work from home

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Why Companies don't allow people to work from home

Working from home can be beneficial to both the employer and the employees, as companies will reduce their cost of operations and employees will enjoy the freedom of remote working. There are other reasons why most companies will not allow their employees to work from the comfort of their homes.

Working from home will not allow company managers to have control over the employees, assigned duties and responsibilities. Although the quality of employees works is measured from their performance, employers usually want to remain accessible for meetings and calls, but remote working doesn't allow such accessibility.

Working from home

For effective working, companies manages and services their computers, printers and servers working with employees. This is an important information technology support that companies provided and it is only possible when working in the office. For remote working, employees are responsible for all this, they will need a printer, reliable computer and internet connection to do the assigned job. In case the employees experience a technical issue, it will be impossible to accomplish the task assigned hindering company productivity. Therefore, won't take such risk by allowing their employees to work from home.

Companies can incur high coordination cost in case they allow their employees to work from home. It will be better for workers to come to the working place where coordination can be easier and faster. The coordination cost saved should be used elsewhere in the company for production or employees well-being. Communication challenges are also experienced when employees are allowed to work from home.

Allowed to work from home

Another big of remote working, is cyber security, companies have large data, trade secrets and IP, that are so sensitive, and employers usually protects this information from being leaked to the public. This is a concern to most organization, and allowing for remote working, would put such confidential data into high risk of being leaked.

Lack of trust, is an issue that prevents companies from allowing to their employees to work from home. Most employers, usually view remote working as an advantage to the employees, and they should work hard to earn it. Before allowing workers to work from home, employers must observe their working behavior from an office set up. If an employee is always late, and usually takes extended leave days, then it will be hard to trust such workers to work unsupervised.

Home job working

Employers view it as unfair act, by allowing only the selected employees to work from home while others are working in the office. Such acts always cause divisions among the employees, as those working in the office will be resentful of employees working from the comfort of their homes. For this reason, employers always discourages remote working and allows workers to work from the same office space.

Most companies have a functioning workstation, office furniture and enough space, therefore, allowing employees to work from home by making changes in the office would make them incur losses. Employers will therefore, not take risk of incurring loses from changing their offices which took more time and money when setting up, by allowing employees to work from home.

Although there is availability of enough technologies like, instant messaging and video conferencing allowing remote workers to be connected to the office and with each other. There still some missed opportunities of collaborating team work when in the same office room. Companies usually discourages remote working as it does not promote team work and sharing of productive ideas.

For repetitive jobs like data entry, working from home won't get these jobs done on the right time. Remote working is always associated with distractions like, televisions, loud neighbor, video games, pets and snacks. Workers doing repetitive jobs will be distracted by such comfort of home, therefore not submitting their assignment on time.

Working from home may lead to reduced salaries, and most employees will not prefer working from home over decrease in salary. Employers always rewards workers for their good performance when they are working in the office. Employees will not get such benefits when working from home, therefore it would be better to avoid comfortability and have more cash to helping in paying bills and other expenses, having cash to pay bills contributes to workers happy life. Employers should dictate to the workers some benefits they will enjoy when working in the office.

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