Why content is king

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Why content is king

In an essay written in 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates mentioned a quote, "Content is King". Content is the information and experience aimed at a specific viewers, which is mostly in the form of text and images. In the essay, Bill Gates describes the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. Content is the most important part of a website as it determines whether a website is good or bad. The success of a website and products associated with it would depend on the quality of the content, and hence, creating quality content is a must.

Content are also of various types: blog post, description of goods and services, eBooks, infographics, documents and documentation, templates and checklist, videos etc. Some of the reasons why content is important are:

Content is what makes a website

When users visit a website, they

A website, by definition, stands for a set of related and interlinked content. Content is what makes a website unique and informative. A website mostly consists of text, supported by images and statistics. Content is also important as it imparts knowledge. Contents of websites like Wikipedia are an ocean of information which is accessed and used by professionals as well and non-professionals in the entire world.

Content is what users visit the website for

When users visit a website, they are primarily concerned with the content of the website. They are there because they are looking for some information or help about a particular subject. The look and feel, the design and colours of a website are all secondary. A website may not have a great design, but can still bring visitors if it has quality content, but a website with poor quality content will not attract visitors the same way even with good design.

Content is important for ads<br />

To get ranked by search engines

For getting notices by visitors, your websites need to show up in search engines’ results. If your website is about fishing, it should appear as one of the search results whenever someone searches about fishing. This is why content is important, as only the content of a website can determine what the website is about. Search engines go through the content of a website to check how many times a keyword is used in it. That is how they can determine if the website is relevant to a particular search or not. If the content is better optimised, the website gets a higher ranking on the search results.

Content is important for ads

Why Content is King

The best way to make money on a website is through advertising. Many websites use ad-serving clients like Google Adsense to serve ads on their websites. These clients serve ads according to what is written on a particular page of a website. They go through the content and determine what ads are best suited for the website relating to the content it has.

Content is most important for Digital Marketing

The internet is a big place, and in order for someone to get noticed, Digital Marketing is a necessity. Digital Marketing is a branch of marketing which uses the internet and internet-based digital technologies to promote bussiness. Content is the only means to educate the audience and customers about the goods and services. Digital Marketing is successful if one has good and convincing content to back it up with.

Content for Social Media Marketing

Another way to market a website and its content is through Social Media Marketing. Sharing a website on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could bring more traffic to our website, but to keep these visitors engaged, content is once again important. If the website has quality content, a little investment in social media ads can help a website greatly. High-quality content also get more shares on such platforms, thus, bring more curious and interested visitors. Disappointing such users with wasteful and poor-quality content is not an option.

Content is the bone, muscle and the skin of a website, and all other components of the website provide secondary support. The internet has become the biggest marketplace, and the quote “Content is King” is very often cited for Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. Content will forever be the prime reason for websites to thrive upon. Unique, high quality, and engaging content will always be helpful in bringing visitors, and thus, to promote goods, services and business.

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