Why is the copywriting network recommended for writers

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Why is the copywriting network recommended for writers

Are you looking for a good freelance copywriting platform where you can showcase your skills? Do you want to put your skill to work and earn? Then, Copywriting Network is an excellent opportunity for you.

The Copywriting Network is a platform controlled by a team of ten who are experienced and have been actively writing and purchasing contents for the last 20 years. With their quality experience and skills, they set up the Copywriting Network in a way that it will be beneficial for both the writers and the clients. Our mission to you in this article is to show you the reasons 'The Copywriting Network' is a splendid opportunity for you as a writer. And below are the highlighted reasons listed out for a better understanding of what we will talk about.

1. Copywriting Network Provides Opportunity For Both Beginners And Professionals.

This is why many new writers

As a beginner, there are many obstacles to why your writing career will start with too much confusion. There are chances that you will back out (if you are not the patient type) because as a freelance copywriter with little or no experience, it is difficult to get a job from a client. This is because in many freelancing platforms where you can find clients to work for, you will need to earn yourself some credits before getting hired. Most clients will want to see your previous jobs and your star rate before accepting your bid. In other words, you are bidding on a project along with other experienced skilled highly rated writers.

Let's put it in a way you will understand better using an example. If you post a project as a client for freelance copywriters. Will you accept the bid of a person new whose profile is blank, rather than accepting one that has been in the business for years? The answer is no.

This is why many new writers find it very difficult to get a job on these freelancing platforms. Copywriting Network, however, is giving new writers with few basic skills to put their techniques to work and earn some cash even at their low rates level. The business is not looking for perfection in a writer. They are just trying to work with writers who have basic writing skills. In Copywriting Network, you can pick from a range of topics you find suitable that is available for your current rating. And with time, you get to see your star increasing as you work and earn.

Speaking from personal experience, Copywriting Network

For the professional writers, there is also a big spot for them. As a professional writer on the platform, you can take jobs with top paying rates. However, you will have to work your way to the top. This means you will start from star 1 no matter your years in copywriting business. But since you are a professional in the field, and you know what you are doing, getting to the professional stage in the network won't be difficult. This basically provides an opportunity for everyone who love writing and want to make a career out of it.

2. Copywriting Network Is Indirectly Improving The Freelance Copywriters Working For Them.

Speaking from personal experience, Copywriting Network has improved many writers (if not all) who work for them. So many people started writing just because they love writing, but are not aware of their mistakes in their write-ups. Many write and feel satisfied with their work, feeling they have performed well only for the Copywriting Network to spot out mistakes they never imagined were there. Again, speaking from experience, many writers have advanced dramatically in their punctuations, grammars and so on because of this network.

There is no doubt this is

When a writer, submits a job that is done, the proofreaders go through the job and provide feedbacks. It is from this feedback that the writers sees their mistakes and learn from it. If the writer keeps doing this overtime, such a writer will find out that the improvement in his write-up is great.

3. Copywriting Network Offers Many Other Earning Opportunities Aside Writing For A Client.

There is no doubt this is one of the best features of this wonderful platform. Aside from the fact you write for clients by picking available jobs, you also get the opportunity to do other minor jobs and get paid. Some of these jobs include Proofreading, content editing, social media posting, product review, YouTube sponsorship, breaking news and more. This provides the writers vast option where they can earn money from this network.

Why is the copywriting network recommended for writers?

4. The Copywriting Network Has A Fast And Reliable Payment Methods For Writers.

Copywriting Network pays their writers in two unique methods, which gives the network an advantage over other platforms like it. Like other popular platform where writers are employed, you can withdraw your money into your PayPal account. To crown it all, their minimum withdrawal is as low as $1, which is very considerate, and it is fast and reliable.

There are so many writers good in what they do but cannot write for these platforms because PayPal doesn't support receiving money in their country. This is where the Copywriting Network possesses a powerful advantage over other platforms. Writers can cash out their money from the Copywriting Network through Bitcoin. This makes most writers from the part of the world where PayPal doesn't operate fully take part in the job and get paid easily to their Bitcoin address.

5. Copywriting Network Is Known To Have A Good And Reliable Customer Support.

The case of having a problem with your account and reporting to the consumer care without getting answer is not an issue in Copywriting Network. They assist their writers by attending to questions or issues the writers may be facing. The best part about this is that they are fast in replying to your message, and they are user friendly.

So, if you are looking for a place to put your skill to work and earn big, the Copywriting Network is the best place recommended for you. With all the benefits to the massive opportunities highlighted above, you can be sure to live your dream life writing for the network.

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