Why writers write quotes

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Why writers write quotes

Quotes "to those who concoct words" are meaningful sayings which expresses an idea in a clever, amusing and sometimes laconic way. In another aspect, quotes refers to group of words that are frequently repeated in writeups "to those that makes use of author's words". There's a huge difference between those who make quotes through inspiration from others who uses it in a context. Some might wonder how writers make up quotes through mere thinking. These quotes are formed through their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. Quotes are usually shorter than normal writings because they are easily understood and it penetrates into the mind of readers in a couple of minutes.

People who make up quotes are referred to as "epigrammatists" that is, a quote writer. These are creative writers who composes varieties of quotes which is usually in a phrase-like manner. Mark Twain was one of the famous quote writer who was born in Florida on November 30th, 1835. He was a strong advocate for justice, so he wrote quotes pertaining it. Other quotes he wrote related to human nature, death, truth, love, success, funny and general quotes. He died since 1910 but till date, his quotes are still used world wide by different author's.

Again, Stephen King, born in 1947,

Another famous quote writer "William Shakespeare" world's greatest dramatist, a poet, book author and the greatest English writer of all times lived from 1564 to 1616. He wrote powerful and meaningful quotes on success, love, time, writing and even inspirational ones. His quotes have been used and will still be in forth coming generations.

Again, Stephen King, born in 1947, was and is still a famous quote writer. He wrote quotes about life, writing, success and even motivational ones. Stephen King has indeed been a popular influence to the world today and he believes in putting most of his time into writing. Another famous quote writer "George Eliot" was a specialist in Writing English Novels who lived from 1819 to 1880. George wrote various kinds of quotes on life, love, death, wisdom, hope, happiness and women.

 As humans, at every time

There are many topics of quotes which are in existence simply because certain group of people took their time to draft them. Attitude, Appreciation, Best friend, birthday, boyfriend, breakup, brother, cancer, corruption, career, commitment, children, career, depression, daughter, Easter, education, encouragement,Facebook, father, family, funny, friendship, fear, girlfriend, goodnight, good morning, goodbye, happiness, Halloween, inspiration, Jealousy, knowledge, lonely, love, mother, motivational, new year, patience, religion romantic, relationship, sarcastic, sweet, voting, wedding, witty, work, wisdom and youth are examples.

As humans, at every time of our lives, we experience feelings of various kinds. One interesting thing is that everything we feel has been put into writing in quotes and it has a way of easing our worries, lifting hopes and helping us reason well. Written quotes plays the role of guiding people through the right path in life. For instance, someone might not see any need to express gratitude to people who have been kind to them. In this case, gratitude quotes might reset the person's mind. Some type of quote topics will be elucidated in its simplest form. Appreciation quotes are sayings which focuses mostly on the need for thanking people and how to express it in words. Examples are " Let us be thankful to people who make us happy for they are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom".


Writers write quotes for so many reasons and they will be discussed elaborately. Everyone wants to be famous and writing brings fame to those who are consistently working towards it. Most writers compose quotes so the world will recommend and accept them. With this, they'll start appearing on TV shows and in radio houses for interviews. Other writers write quotes to earn income and by so doing, they get contracts to write for different websites online. They even write it in form of a book, publish it, launch it and sell out as hard copies.

Majority of human beings are into one social platform or another. Posting activities are carried out daily and this cannot be done easily without epigrammatists. They make social media fun with their quotes which includes love, funny, sad, adventure and the list goes on. Writers write quotes in order for people to promote on social media. Besides, it's the smartest way of passing a message without having to write long and meaningless words.

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