Write your blogs or hire a blogger? What you need to consider

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Write your blogs or hire a blogger? What you need to consider

Most business owners acknowledge that blogging is critical, and they would like to write their blogs or contract a professional blogger. It's sometimes difficult for an individual to handle, and the bigger your blog, the worse the issue gets. That is why it is important to plan for blogging contingencies before you encounter them.

One of those contingent plans is whether you want to write your blogs, share the work with guest bloggers, or outsource blog writing altogether. All of these approaches have advantages and disadvantages, so, you need to consider these factors.

#1: Your Relationship with Your Audience

When blogging, you want to establish relationships and bonds as well as build confidence among your fans. They grow to learn from you and yearn to read your next blog post. Some are die-hard fans raving about you or posting on your blogs most of the time. But, the challenge of personal branding is that you build a reader base that wants only your posts only.

Therefore, if your blog is big and well-established, and you have dozens of loyal fans, outsourcing may be tricky. There is a good chance that if you recruit bloggers or start to add guest bloggers, you will lose some readers. It will take a good plan and time to whether the complaints from readers before they embrace it.

Even though your audience resists change, they will stay put, particularly if you will still be involved with blogging occasionally. Also, if you employ a blogger whose tone and style complements your brand personality, readers won't be affected. Ensure the hired blogger always offers the same quality information, advice or entertainment as you.

•	The amount of experience  and

#2: The Type of Blogger You Need

You need to identify a blogger who fits in with your objectives; suits your brand, its goal and the amount of information your blog offers. So, before you hire someone to help with blogging, you need to consider the following:

• Whether the blogger knows the job.

• The blogger’s personality and writing style

• Whether the blogger’s writing style fits with your brand and business.

• The amount of experience and skills they have

Write Your Blogs or Hire a Blogger? What you Need to Consider

• Whether they can help you achieve your objectives

• How much you pay them.

You need to understand that outsourcing blogging is about entrusting another person with your company's reputation. You are not just off-loading your blogging job; you ‘are also allowing somebody to represent you and your company. It means the blogger needs to preserve your reputation, satisfy your readers, get them to chat, and make your life better.

#3: The Cost of Hiring a Blogger

Sometimes hiring bloggers with different perspectives and ideas about a subject or topic is good. Additionally, your audience will appreciate your effort to offer other professionals and influencers the chance to share something different. Nonetheless, good bloggers wouldn't work for peanuts, but they do not always want money -some bloggers prefer marketing exposure.

Therefore, you need to determine if what you want to implement will boost the traffic and enhance your blog's creditability. Besides, you need to pay the blogger in exchange for their efforts, so, you need to determine how much you are prepared to pay. Some writers will do everything for you, like proofreading, editing, taking pictures and promoting traffic generation. You will pay a few hundreds of dollars per post, but you will get a lot more for your money.

Outsourcing blogging services for your business is neither good nor bad -it is how you do it that matters. There are benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing, therefore, if you opt to hire a blogger, do it wisely.

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