Write your own story

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Write your own story

Do not let anyone else write your story, you know who you are and what you are capable to offer to the world. You know your heart, strengths, weakness and your ability to change things around you. Being the CEO of your own life, you have the power to control it, you chart your own course and not stop until you reach your final destination. You run your own race,sometimes people will put their own spin on certain events that is not true to represent a reality. That is why you need to ensure that the truth comes out and do not allow outsiders with different agendas of their own to change who you are or what you have done. Always speak and stand up for yourself and if you don't, do not expect someone else to.

As a driver of your bus,

As a driver of your bus, you are responsible for the passengers and your employee on board.Sometimes you may have to drive through potholes, but you do not stop until you reach your clients to their final destinations. God never promised us a straight life, he said we will face trials and tribulations, but take heart for everything is under control. Faith is needed for we cannot manage to get through on our own, we know the seeds of greatness we carry on the inside and for them to manifest on the outside faith and persistence is needed.

People can laugh and talk us

People can laugh and talk us out of our dreams and if we do not stand strong we can lose our focus on our dreams. That is why associating with the right people is important, you cannot expect to succeed when you are always in the company of wrong and negative people. Negativity draws energy out of you learn to use the right words and stay positive no matter what is going own around you. In life you do not always wait until you have for example a lot of money for you to start a business. What is important is to plan and then start with the little you have and everything else will follow.

Write your own story

Do not be afraid when people are saying bad things behind your back and judging you for no reason. They are afraid of you and cannot confront you face to face and the back is the only part they see so let them talk. And criticism is a blessing you know the Bible says that he sets the table before me in the presence of my enemies. Do not worry about people who never died for you, concentrate on doing right because time is ticking. The energy you waste on worrying about what people say can be used productively on the growth of your business.

Imagine God telling you that you are going to die next year. Are you going to sit where you are and continue working for the company that never recognizes your effort because you are scared of what people will say? Life is about you. You are going to give an account on how you lived alone. follow your heart, accomplish that which you ever dream of and never apologize for your hard work. Work hard and live your dream life and other things will automatically be added unto you. When you die, people should be able to look back and say yes we had a great person who live to build a memorable legacy.

Younger ones look for inspiration from older ones, our lives preach you do not know how many people learn from you without you noticing. A lot of people have testified how they imitate faith of those that have made it in life. Do not be discouraged when you fail what matters is to rise again and think of other best ways to achieve that which you want. You are not answerable to anyone expect to you and your God. Your story can be best told and written by you if you let someone else do it, they add their own life experience to it too. You know how many times you have cried and sleepless nights you have had. Be determined and do not be afraid to try because other failed it, we have different favor and so is our skills and approach to things.

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