Writing jobs platforms

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Writing jobs platforms

Are you interested in landing a writing job? Don't worry anymore,this article answers all the questions you need to know about finding job. Writing popularly known as freelancing has existed for the past years,and it has made it possible for people to be able to work from home and simply make money. So we are going to take you through various platforms that offers Writing jobs for you.

1. Upwork.

This is the most popular platform and site for writers and it offers a variety of opportunities for job seekers and it posts on content writing,marketing and even graphic designing. These projects has a time frame meaning its provides an option for the writer to choose either on a short-term or a long- term arrangement depending on the writers choice and preferences. This job board also allows the writer to save previous work on the platform and make it possible for clients to access it ,this feature helps a lot in building the writers reputation. The platform is not only limited for experienced writers but also it has place for entry-level writers where they are required to presents writing proposals before working on a task. A percentage from the earnings on the writing job belongs to the platform.

2. Flexjobs


Is a job platform where writers are a able to find writing jobs and possibly land on potential clients. And to be able to write on these job board,you will be required to make subscription payment for you to access the Job features. The benefit from using this writing platform is that it is transparent on payment,this is mainly because all jobs by clients are scanned and verified. This eliminates the possibility of having low-paying jobs and even scam. It offers a variety of freeelancing jobs including content writing,copy writing which are all suitable for a writer.

3. Iwriter.

Iwriter is among the best writing platforms and it provides a chance for entry-level writers to find potential clients. It however requires the writer to complete an entry requirement in order t be a member. This procedure involves filling out a form and finishing two writing tests with a minimum of 300 words each. And from the score you are enabled to make a selection from the available writing jobs and start landing new clients. Often most writers starts in the beginners level and eventually raise their experience level and an increase in the pay per project.

4. Freelancer.com


Just like upwork this platforms offers job boards that post job for writers at big companies and even small medium enterprises. These jobs mainly depends on the period of completion which could either be short-term or long-term depending on the nature of the project.

5. Guru

This writing platforms markets writing jobs by acting as an intermediary between the writers and clients. It provides a medium for finding writing jobs,where a writer creates a profile and keep their previous work to showcase their writing skills to new clients. This platform also has a feature where you can choose on your specific area of expertise and skills. To enable your profile appear to clients looking for a writing service based on your skill background.

6. Blogging pro.

Writing jobs platforms

This writing platform unlike other writing platforms like Flexjobs allows the writer to determine available jobs on their own. It also enables the writer to look up for writing opportunities and apply them for free. The platform is designed and targeted specifically for writers only and they do not offer other freelancings jobs like graphic designing.

7. Copy writing network

This platform provides an opportunity for writers to get paid by writing articles for clients. It provides a wide range of writing jobs for writers and unlike other writing platforms you don't have to pay a subscription fee to be a member. The platform entry requirement involves a three stage writing tests each with a minimum of 300 words. After your test has been carefully reviewed you become a member of the copywriting network and you can begin undertaking various writing tasks which includes copy writing ,products reviews,image opinion and even religious opinion. The experience that is your star rating is determined by your general contribution to the network. And often for entry-level writers you begin with 1 star rating and grow your level up to even 5 star depending on the quality of the work done and the general contribution to the network

Finding yourself a suitable writing platform will go a long way in Improving your writing career. It is therefore advisable to carefully identify your freelancing platform before making a decisions of joining.

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