Writing system and application

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Writing system and application

Usually, you may think writing is just taking a pen or pencil to write on a smooth surface or paper. What is writing?

Writing is transferring verbal or spoken language unto a hard surface. There are three basic systems of writing, these are the alphabet, syllabary, and logogram.

It differs from languages so there will be more based on the language or construction of the writings. There are hundreds of languages in only Africa, and they are all different and written differently. The three basic systems are going to explain in detail in this article and how it can be applied in writing. No matter the language when you apply these three basic systems you can write or even discover more systems based on your language.

Research shows that the alphabets originated

Alphabet is a set of basic or standardized written symbols or letters that represent a specific spoken language.

Alphabets follow the ordering of letters based on standards, there are lots of alphabets used in the world nowadays. The Latin alphabet is popular in the world, the standard ordering makes it possible to sort or make a collection.

Research shows that the alphabets originated from Greek and alphabets can be used for numbering. Alphabets can be divided into two types, that is vowels and consonants. This division is based on the sounds produced when pronounced, and this can be termed as the graphemes.

Syllables correspond to spoken languages when

A syllabary is a set of written symbols that represent moras or syllables which make up words.

Syllabogram is a symbol in syllabary which represents consonants followed by vowels. As stated earlier, the vowel and consonants are sounds produced from words produced.

Syllables correspond to spoken languages when it has implicit codas, silent vowels, and echo vowels, this is without complex orthographic or graphemic rules. Implicit codas, silent vowels, and echo vowels link to orthography in the alphabetic writing system.

Writing System and Application

Some languages that use these syllabic writings include Cherokee, Japanese, Vai, Yi, most of the Asian countries use syllabic writings.

A logogram is a character that represents a word or phrase. Usually written and used by Chinese and its surrounding neighbors, and Egyptian hieroglyphs also use logography. Logography is just the use of logograms to write and the writing system where logograms are used is termed a logographic system. Logographic system has one of the earliest systems of writing, the first civilization in Africa, China and Central America used the logographic system of writing. Logography has a phonetic part, which is called logosyllabary, this helps in mentioning the words and makes it possible to learn or read the words.

Though some writing systems may not require the phonetic nature or pronunciation nature, which is very rare all must be able to pronounce the words and use its dictions. Some writing systems just deals with building blocks to communicate. Communication is the exchange of information, which means, both the sender and receiver are to understand the information being spoken or written about, it should clear to both sides. Without response then the information has an error, that is, there's something wrong, either the conveyed information wasn't understood or it didn't get to its destination.

What language do you speak or write? Which system do you use? Are you able to communicate properly with people using your system? Well, your time is here to practice any of the systems above. There are so many ways to apply the systems but remember, language can be an object, the only thing you should know is that both receiver and sender should able to understand and manipulate the information.

80% of the languages we speak are made up of the alphabet and syllabary system. This is because it is easy to transact or learn languages with dictions and phonics. World business usually uses the English language in transacting because it is very easy to learn since it comprises of the alphabet system and the syllabary system.

This means a language can use two or more writing systems to communicate. Some examples can be the Russian language which also uses the alphabet system and syllabary system. The Chinese language uses the logograph system and the syllabary system. Look carefully into your language, what system do you use? Is it a combination of two or more systems? In Ghana, our native languages are like twelve in total.

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